The Week in iOS Apps: Test your heist skills in Break This Safe

The week's roundup includes an Apple Watch game that lets you play the role of a safecracker.

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The week’s roundup includes an Apple Watch game that lets you learn some useful cat burglar skills. Read on!

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Break This Safe

Break This Safe is a free game for the Apple Watch: Rotate the digital crown to turn the dial of the on-screen safe—when you feel vibrations, you’re getting close; the strongest vibration is the right answer. Soon, you’ll be able to star in a heist movie all your own.

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The Jungle Book: Disney Classics

The success of the newest Jungle Book movie has opened way for rediscovery of the animated favorite. The Jungle Book: Disney Classics is a $1 iOS storybook featuring images, characters, and voices from the 1960s delight. Don’t worry: It has the bare necessities. By which we mean, it includes the “Bear Necessities.”

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Imprint is a “curated retailer and lifestyle publication,” which means: If you want to start looking like ZZ Top’s proverbial “Sharp Dressed Man,” this free iOS app is a good place to start.

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LinkedIn Students

LinkedIn Students is like Tinder—you can swipe right and everything. The difference here is this: When you “get lucky,” you’ll end up with a job. Which, come to think of it, is pretty lucky! 

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The New Yorker Today

The New Yorker was one of the first magazines to create an app for the iPad way back when; since then, its website has become a more robust source of daily news and commentary. The New Yorker Today puts that online info in your iPhone—the articles are free for now, but you’ll soon be asked to subscribe. 

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How to describe the $2 NO THING game? The makers call it “an indie minimalistic surreal action game set in totalitarian regime of future.” This trailer makes it seem like Tron (the original, not the sequel)  meets Salvador Dali—set in the “future” of 1994.

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Screens VNC

The $20 Screens VNC has launched Version 4.0 of letting you look at your Mac desktop from your iOS device; the new version includes a “curtain mode” that lets you keep the desktop hidden even as you access it, as well as multitasking support and better 1Password integration.

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This is a $2 iOS offering that lets you annotate images, turning them into a story, and share them to your social networks. Now a picture can also include a thousand words, give or take a few hundred.

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Others of note

Pinterest has updated with faster loading times … Viber has added end-to-end encryption … MLB At Bat’s multitasking support makes it easier to watch a game and work at the same time. … Snapchat has added 3D emoji stickers.

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