A Modern Horror Story - IoTs Gone Rogue

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You’re at home, lounging on the sofa, planning to watch True Blood on your brand new smart TV. This new addition to your collection of gadgets excites you – you are the proud owner a smart TV, a Nest thermostat, five smart lightbulbs, an intelligent door lock, two Wi-Fi security cameras – everything makes your home as cool and intelligent as possible.

While you’re opening a craft beer to go with the movie, a light bulb in your living room starts flickering. You try to ignore it, but it bugs you. You paid extra cash on these bulbs, what happened to the “seamless experience and zero problems” promise? While you grab a chair to look into it, the bulb turns red. You don’t believe in weird coincidences and immediately think there’s more to it that meets the eye: it was set to red only if someone tries to break into your home. Wait, let’s not jump to conclusions! Your sensor-based alarm would have went off if somebody were breaking in, but you heard no siren.

You start to get a bit worried. You check the smartphone app connected with your home security system. No new notifications. Hmm…

Is it your imagination or is it getting hot in here? Sweat starts dripping off your forehead. You go to your kitchen and see your thermostat is set at scorching hot levels. “Have they bricked this, too?”

What is happening? Is someone playing with your mind? All these state-of-the-art devices are supposed to secure your home and give you full control of your house, but you feel completely helpless right now.

On your way to check the front door, the power goes out. Looking out the window, you see that there’s no problem with the electricity in the neighborhood. What happened to your intelligent switch? Is it broken? Again, no alerts on your phone. Sitting in the dark, you’re convinced something is really wrong but refuse to believe in curses.

You open the flashlight on your phone and go back to the living room. You sit down for a second to rationalize all these incidents.  Out of the blue, music starts playing… Is someone controlling your Wi-Fi connected music player? How? Wait…Wi-Fi? Could it be…?

It’s not the end

This is only the start of what could be an epic tale about how you lost your mind… and money. That’s because someone sneaked inside your home network via a vulnerable device and stole your unsecured account credentials and credit card numbers.

It sounds far-fetched, but hacking smart devices has become a reality and the consequences can be devastatingly serious. Good-guy hackers have found plenty of security and privacy threats lurking around the house.

So, make sure the lock on your home network is as secure as the one on your front door. Bitdefender BOX will help you keep your piece of mind and your digital property intact by sanitizing all the data passing through the home network from malware, phishing attempts and rogue users. This means all your connected devices are safe.

Through its Private Line feature, Bitdefender BOX also protects your mobile devices, including iPhones, Macs and other laptops, even when you’re travelling across the globe.

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