The Week in Mac Apps: 3 new Mac-based text editors

This week's roundup of new apps brings you three new text editors—SwiftText, Small, and CryptoEdit.

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Editors for all writing types

This week’s roundup of new apps brings you three new text editors—SwiftText, Small, and CryptoEdit—plus a variety of other handy tools. Read on!


Blood Pressure Diary 2 1.01

Sergey Fatykhov’s $10 Blood Pressure Diary 2 is a medical app and database for recording your blood pressure throughout the day. The app lets you add new readings, stores and analyzes them, and then organizes your data into helpful charts that you can share with your doctor via email.


CryptoEdit 2 2.1

If you work with sensitive content, Tension Software’s $5 CryptoEdit 2 (Mac App Store Link) lets you write and edit encrypted text files directly from the app.

Like most other text editors, CryptoEdit 2 supports rich text and lets you change fonts, colors, and sizes, as well as add images and notes to your documents. Unlike most other editors, it also automatically encrypts your data using a military-grade AES–256 algorithm that makes it virtually impossible to read without the right password.


Fileloupe - Media Browser 1.4

Corduroy Code’s $20 Fileloupe (Mac App Store Link) is a professional-grade viewer for all your media files. The app lets you open photos, videos, and documents using high-performance dedicated viewers that offer frame-by-frame playback, bi-directional scrubbing, keyword filtering and sorting, and much more.


Hand Writing Master Class 1.0

As the name suggests, Aerosapps’s $7 Hand Writing Master Class helps you hone your writing skills with a training plan designed to improve your penmanship.

Each of the 150-plus lessons featured in the app includes video demonstrations, plenty of exercises to verify your progress, and the ability to add your own ratings and notes for later reference.


iFlicks 2 2.4

Jendrik Bertram’s $13 iFlicks 2 (Mac App Store Link) automatically encodes your downladed media files to an iTunes-compatible format, and then downloads any missing metadata information from one of several sources.

Additionally, you can drag-and-drop your existing iTunes files into the app and it will automatically update them with new artwork, chapter titles, subtitles, and more.


SkySafari 5 Pro 5.0.1

Simulation Curriculum’s $30 SkySafari 5 Pro (Mac App Store Link) is a detailed database of our solar system, complete with descriptions and images of everything you can see in the night sky.

The app comes with extensive observation lists designed for beginners and experienced astronomy enthusiasts alike, can simulate the night sky’s patterns up to 10,000 years into the past and future, and features an interactive “orbit mode” that shows you what it feels like to leave the Earth… without actually leaving your house.


Small - The Insanely Lightweight Code Editor 0.2.0

MediaChicken’s Small (Mac App Store Link) provides you with a simple interface for editing code. The app supports the most popular programming languages, integrates directly with GitHub, and lets you easily share your snippets of code through its website.


SwiftText 1.2

Need to take a quick note? Try Adam Preble’s $2 SwiftText (Mac App Store Link), which runs in the background and is ready for your input every time you need it.

SwiftText is a simple text editor that can be accessed through its menu bar icon, or by using a customizable keyboard shortcut. Once invoked, you can set the app to always stay on top of your other windows, thus turning into a convenient scratchpad for things like passwords, console commands, and more.


TrashMe 2.1.12

Jibapps’s $4 TrashMe (Mac App Store Link) completely uninstalls applications you don’t need anymore, deleting both their executable files and all associated support documents from your Mac. TrashMe sweeps your hard drive for support files, caches, partially-downloaded items, databases, and other orphaned files, helping you free up much-needed space and keeping your storage neat and organized.

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