The Week in iOS Accessories: The everywhere doorbell

Our latest roundup includes a new home doorbell that you can answer from your iPhone.

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C'mon, ring that bell!

The latest roundup includes a new home doorbell that you can answer from your iPhone. Read on!

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The $199 August Doorbell Cam (also available on Amazon) lets you see who is on your front porch—whether you’re at home, or away—on your iPhone. It’s motion triggered, and records the people who approach, so you can have a record of visitors. And it makes a handy intercom: Let people in remotely to drop off a package, then ensure the door is locked again once they leave.

hemp earbuds


The $30 Hemp Earbuds by Jamboo (also available on Amazon) are designed “with top quality bamboo on the earpieces, middle connector, and headphone jack.” The cord itself is hemp woven with cotton thread, making your listening experience extremely organic.

slim pro

Life Gadgets

The Slim PRO is a 10,000-mAh external battery with ports to charge both iOS and Android devices; it’s also made with fireproof material to reduce the chances of accident and harm from a hot battery.



The $100 Base Charging Stand is for the iPad Pro—it has magnets in the charging cradle to perfectly align the tablet with the Smart Connector, which means you can place your iPad Pro on the stand and it will automatically begin charging.

apple watch stand


The $35 Apple Watch Stand has one inside USB port—this one to charge the Apple watch—plus three external USB ports, so you can charge your other electronic devices in one location. The inside space holds the Apple Watch charging cord, as well as USB adapters, card readers, and other gadgets, to keep your tabletop neat and uncluttered.

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The $60 iPad Mini 4 Wireless Keyboard Case has a hinge designed to let you display the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode; the battery allows for up to 60 hours of use before recharging is required.



While most Apple Watch charging stands try to differentiate themselves on design, the $20 Helix Dock (also available on Amazon) goes instead for straightforward utility: It plugs directly into a wall outlet. You might not wow anybody with the elegant display, but you will get your watch charged.



The $110 Lens Combo for iPhone 6s Plus includes the following lenses: fisheye, wide-angle, three telephoto—2X, 9X, and 12X—and a super macro lens. The package includes a lens pouch, mini tripod, and a cleaning cloth.

bamboo charging station


The $52 Bamboo Docking Station for iPad includes four USB ports, making it possible to dock and charge all manner of devices—iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch—at the same time.

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