7 celebrity apps for iOS that are actually useful in their own pointless way

From Tom Hanks to Snoop Dogg, here's what happens when famous people make an iOS app we can't help but love.

celebrity ios apps chelsea handler gotta go
Gotta Go!

Famous people have app ideas, too...

...and sometimes they happen to be pretty freakin’ brilliant.

From Tom Hanks to Snoop Dogg, here’s what happens when famous people make an iOS app we can’t help but love.

the rock clock celebrity apps for ios

The Rock Clock

Pro-wrestler turned Hollywood action hero Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest celeb to develop an app for your iPhone. On Monday, he released The Rock Clock (free), a motivational alarm clock that does away with the snooze button—because snooze buttons are for lazy losers.

We can’t think of better motivation to get our butts out of bed than by listening to a personalized voice message from the man who gets up at 3 a.m. everyday so he can look like a real-life Marvel superhero.

celebrity apps for ios chelsea handler gotta go

Gotta Go!

Terrible blind date? Boss wants a quick word? Friend brought her baby along to your brunch date? Sometimes you just need a last-minute escape plan, and that’s why Chelsea Handler created Gotta Go! (free). This app is dedicated entirely to creating and sending fake excuses to get you out of uncomfortable situations without making it even more awkward.

Using the app, you can choose a predetermined time for you to receive a text message or a phone call that will prompt you to say, “gotta go!” The text will seem like it’s coming from a legit iMessage contact and the phone call will be an automated voicemail from Chelsea herself, explaining step-by-step how to deliver a convincing excuse.

celebrity apps for ios tom hanks hanx writer

Hanx Writer

America’s boyfriend, Tom Hanks, really likes typewriters. So much so that a few years ago he actually came out with a typewriter keyboard app for iOS. Hanx Writer (free) mimics the look and sounds of typing on an old-school typewriter, down to the “SHOOK SHOOK or FITT-FITT,” according to Tom.

For typewriter connoisseurs, you can purchase additional typewriter looks for $3 each. In addition, you can buy the typewriter iOS keyboard for $1 so that you can type all your emails, Notes, and iMessages just like we imagine Tom Hanks did before You Got Mail.

celebrity apps for ios ellen degeneres heads up

Heads Up!

Celebrity-themed mobile games are a dime a dozen, but it’s a lot more fun when a famous person makes a mobile game that you can play with friends IRL. That’s why Ellen DeGeneres has made an iOS app out of her talkshow game called Heads Up! ($1).

Players place their iPhone on their head to display a secret word that they then have to guess based on the verbal clues given by their teammates. You tilt the iPhone down if you get the word right, or tilt it up to pass and get a different word.

Okay, you’re right, it’s similar to Catch Phrase, but on your iPhone.

celebrity apps for ios bjork biophilia


Bjork has been ahead-of-the-curve in many ways, and that includes in the development of iOS apps. Not only was Biophilia the first album to be released as an app back in 2011, but it has since become the first app to be included in the New York MoMA’s permanent collection.

But you don’t have to get a museum pass to experience Biophilia ($13)—all you need is an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch running iOS 4.1 or later. Each song on the album-app is its own interactive experience: You might sing along karaoke-style, play an interagalactic game, watch an abstract animation, or read an essay about the song’s creation.

celebrity apps for ios snoop dogg snoopify


Snoop Dogg’s iOS app may not be as cerebral as Bjork’s, but it’s just as trippy. With Snoopify (free) you can edit your photos with stickers and graphics inspired by the famous rapper. You can then share your blinged-out pics on Instagram and Facebook.

While the main app is free, you can also purchase additional sticker packs. The “7 Days of Funk” pack is $2, while the “420” full pack is $5.

celebrity app for ios kimoji kim kardashian


How could we resist?

Kim Kardashian’s newest emoji app may not have broken the App Store when it first came out, but we’re sure it still made a butt-load of money.

Regardless of how you feel about the reality TV star, you have to applaud Kimoji ($2) for capturing Kim K’s utter shamelessness. Stripper pole emoji? Underwear around the ankles emoji? Censored nude pic emoji? We’re pretty sure neither Apple nor the Unicode Consortium would’ve ever thought of these.

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