Podcast 506: Doomed! Doomed, I tells ya!

Glenn and John discuss the reaction to Apple’s latest results, John’s new iPhone SE, forcing Touch ID, and Disk Networks house calls.

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Adam Patrick Murray

While Susie Ochs is off on assignment in the fens around Boston, regular host Glenn Fleishman is joined by frequent Macworld contributor John Moltz, who also writes at his web site, Very Nice Web Site, and co-hosts The Rebound tech podcast and Turning This Car Around dadcast.

Glenn and John talk about the last week’s reception to Apple’s earnings, walk through Tim Cook’s appearance on Jim Cramer’s show, and explain that the company is doomed. Doomed, we tells ya! Or, more accurately, how Apple is navigating the aftermath of one great year while growth tapers and the Chinese economy shudders.

John has an iPhone SE and he loves it. Courts can order you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, so perhaps you need to re-consider Touch ID. And Dish Networks will come to your house and fix your iPhone—you might even want this!

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