The Week in iOS Accessories: Wood makes it good

This week's roundup includes a couple of devices whose wood accents set them apart from competitors.

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Want it in walnut?

This week’s roundup includes a couple of devices whose wood accents set them apart from competitors. Read on!



The new Lightning Card Reader ($40 MSRP, available for the same price on Amazon) from ADATA claims to be “the first Lightning-based SD and microSD card reader with read and write capabilities” and gives your iOS device an extra 256GB of storage for music, video, photos, and documents. 



The Sine headphones ($499.95 MSRP, available for the same price at the Apple Store) feature an 80mm x 70mm planar magnetic driver which the makers say “has more than three times the surface area of any on-ear headphone in its class”—creating deeper bass and a broad range of dynamics. It’s also lightweight and folds flat for easy storage and transit.



The Berrolia is one of the most beautiful car mounts you’ll see—crafted from mahogany and aluminum and ready to display your iPhone within arm’s reach while you drive. A pledge of $129 will get you one of the first mounts, if the makers reach their Kickstarter goal. 

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This isn’t an accessory, exactly, but Apple lovers might dig Inside Information: Apple Macintosh (£30 MSRP, or roughly $43), a print featuring a tongue-in-cheek look the internal workings of Steve Jobs’ breakthrough machine. 



The Reeljuice ($100 MSRP, available for the same price on Amazon) is a 5,300mAh backup battery; its distinguishing feature is the built-in four-foot retractactable charging cord, which makes losing the cord—or getting it tied up in knots—extremely unlikely.

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The PowerPlant ($69.95 MSRP, or $66.93 on Amazon) is a 12,000mAh battery that can keep your iOS device juiced and juiced again—but its real selling point is the American Walnut exterior that gives the battery an organic, elegant look.



The PlantLink ($79 MSRP, or $64.90 on Amazon) is a sensor you stick in the pot with your plants—it monitors sensor humidity, and sends a signal to your iPhone when it’s time to water.



The QardioArm ($99 MSRP, or $84.22 on Amazon) measures your blood pressure and relays the data to your iOS device. You can display the numbers on its accompanying app on a color-coded chart so that you know what they mean—green is good, red indicates the danger zone. 

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The iOS Digital Stereo Microphone ($180 MSRP, or $149 on Amazon) is a device that plugs into your iPhone or iPad’s lightning port to create studio-quality stereo recordings; you’ll want to download the Shure Plus MOTIV Recording App to use the device. 

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