The Week in Mac Apps: Use multiple search engines at once with Simul-Search

This week's roundup of new Mac apps features Simul-Search, a tool that lets you perform one search and get results from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia.

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The latest additions to the Mac App Store

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps features Simul-Search, a tool that lets you perform one search and get results from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia. Plus, a wide range of other productivity tools. Read on!


AndyBooks 1.9.2

Andy Bettis’s $5 AndyBooks helps you keep your finances neatly organized with a few simple steps. The app lets you integrate all of your bank and finance accounts, and it then records your transactions and organizes everything according to a variety of criteria. The app also lets you export your data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Deckset: Turn your notes into beautiful presentations 1.6.1

Unsigned Integer’s $30 Deckset (Mac App Store Link) offers a simple tool that lets you create slideshow presentations with ease.

The app comes with 15 professionally-designed themes, and can automatically lay out your text and add media with minimal effort. If you’re presenting to a developer-focused audience, Deckset comes with a built-in syntax highlighter to make your code stand out on the big screen.


Fraction Calculator 1.1.4

Palasoftware’s $1 Fraction Calculator (Mac App Store Link) take all the mystery out of handling fractions, whether you’re dealing with ingredients for a recipe or dealing with math homework.

The app works much like a calculator and supports common operations, but is capable of displaying its data using either decimal values or fractions—and, of course, can convert between the two with ease.


MediaInfo 0.7.85

Trying to figure out why your media files aren’t playing? MediaArea’s $1 MediaInfo helps you solve the mystery by showing you all kinds of useful metadata.

The app can peek inside an audio or video file and report on its codec, format, aspect, sample rate, and chapter count. It also has a library that you can access from your command-line scripts to automate the conversion of files you download from the web.


NeO 1.0.34

D-light’s $7 Neo (Mac App Store Link) is an outliner tool that helps you keep all your projects and lists organized. Neo lets you create hierarchical lists of all sizes, bookmark individual items for quick retrieval, and even link entries to each other to cross-reference them. The app supports rich text, and can import and export data from a variety of document formats to work with your existing office tools.


Simul-Search 1.1.0

Hanley Solid Solutions’s $1 Simul-Search lets you perform the same search simultaneously across four different platforms—Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia. You’ll see side-by-side previews of the results right in the app’s window, and from there you can launch results in your browser or share them via email and social media.


Spot Maps 1.3

Equinux’s $34 Spot Maps (Mac App Store Link) creates an interactive map of your network where you can view, inspect, and manage your connected devices.

The app automatically detects your network topology, and then allows you to rearrange it to match your personal preferences—or, say, the layout of your house or office. You can then switch to a special “live mode,” from which you can access each device using one of several known protocols like HTTP and SSH. If your home is equipped with “smart home” tech, you can also manage your Wi-Fi-enabled appliances and lighting fixtures.


VistaClock 2.1.3

Mazookie’s $2 VistaClock (Mac App Store Link) lets you replace your Mac’s built-in menu bar clock with a fully-fledged calendar.

The app displays the date and time in a menu accessory that, when clicked, expands into a window that shows you a browsable calendar view alongside a world clock set to the time zones of your choosing.

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