The Week in Mac Apps: WhatsApp lands on the Mac

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings us a version of WhatsApp for the Mac, so you can keep in touch with your friends across all of your devices.

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Keep connected with your friends from the comfort of your chair

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings us a version of WhatsApp for the Mac, so you can keep in touch with your friends across all of your devices. Plus, you’ll find tools for watching your cash flow and for bill reminders. Read on!


Agenda Minder 1.1

Internodal’s $12 Agenda Minder (Mac App Store Link) helps you prepare for your meetings by organizing any relevant information into an interactive agenda.

With its minimalist design, Agenda Minder lets you write down notes about your projects, add success criteria based on your objectives, and can then share this information with your colleagues to keep everybody in the loop.


Cashculator 1.3.7

For a quick glance at your finances, Apparent Software’s $30 Cashculator (Mac App Store Link) organizes your income and expenses into a neat, visual graph to help you keep your household budget in check. The app records your daily transactions and includes a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through its every single aspect. As an added feature, it can make forecasts based on your spending habits over time and creates alternative suggestions if you undergo any major life changes.


Chronicle - Bill Management 6.0.1

Bills, bills, bills. LittleFin’s $10 Chronicle (Mac App Store Link) has your back, and is here to help you manage and stay on top of all of your upcoming payments.

The app syncs its data across your devices using iCloud, helps you avoid late payments thanks to its set of reminders and notifications, and allows you to pay your bills online, either through its built-in browser or your own.


Doo - Get Things Done 1.0.0

Ciarlo Software’s $3 Doo (Mac App Store Link) helps you remember your important appointments with a unique card-based interface.

The app’s main feature is its ability to associate each of your reminders with a unique illustration, which makes it easier to get a quick, at-a-glance overview of which tasks a card relates to. Doo is compatible with iCloud, so you’ll always have your appointment book handy.


Garden Planner 3.4.22

Artifact Interactive’s $34 Garden Planner (Mac App Store Link) helps you redesign your backyard with its landscape blueprinting tool.

The app lets you create a gorgeous 2D colored map of your dream backyard by dragging and dropping different types of trees, bushes, fences, and even buildings using a simple “what you see is what you get” interface. You can also use the program to add notes to your maps, generate a list of all plants needed to make your layout a reality, and even print your project out to share with contractors and friends.


Rainbow 2.1

I-SmartSolutions’s Rainbow integrates with popular cloud-sharing services—like DropBox, MediaFire, and Google Drive—to help you effortlessly move your data from one service to another. Once you’ve linked the app with the services you use, you can rename, copy, create, and delete files and folders at will, just like you do with the Finder.


RapidClick 1.4

If you want to give your index finger a little break, Pilotmoon Software’s $3 RapidClick takes over your mouse-clicking duties. Designed for gamers and for people with limited dexterity, the app automates the process of tapping your mouse repeatedly by simulating mouse actions at regular intervals that range from 20 times a second to once an hour.


Tunesify 1.6.9

Andrew Heard’s $5 Tunesify (Mac App Store Link) easily converts all sorts of audio files into an iTunes-compatible format so that you can play them on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The process seems easy: Just drag a file onto the app, and it will be transformed into something that iTunes knows how to handle—Tunesify even adds converted files to your music library automatically.



A Mac version of WhatsApp, the wildly-popular mobile chatting app, is now available, keeping you connected with friends and family right from the convenience of your desktop. The app integrates with Notification Center, synchronizes automatically with all its mobile counterparts, and is fully compatible with the entire family of WhatsApp products.

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