The Week in Mac Apps: Customize your Mac-based Instagram feed with Grids

This week's roundup of new Mac apps features Grids, an Instagram client for the Mac that lets you change the color and theme of your feed.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps features Grids, an Instagram client for the Mac that lets you change the color and theme of your feed. Plus, handy menu bar utilities, a new password manager, and more. Read on!


Art Text 3 3.0

Belight Software’s $30 Art Text 3 (Mac App Store Link) helps you create gorgeous text-based designs right on your Mac.

From logos to flyers, Art Text 3 gives you access to clipart, different textures, 3D effects, gradients, and everything else you need to make your project stand out. Once your work is done, the app lets you share it over social media, export it to a variety of formats, or send it to friends and colleagues via email or iMessage.


CopyLess 1.8.9

Maxbor’s $5 CopyLess (Mac App Store Link) supercharges your pasteboard with a powerful but easy-to-use interface.

The app automatically imports everything you copy to your pasteboard and generates a quick preview of each item for you to see. At any later point, you can go back over your copy-and-paste history and either restore a previously-saved item, or “play back” your pasteboard into a running program.


Disk Map - Visualize Hard Drive Usage and Free Up Space 2.1

FIPLAB’s $5 Disk Map (Mac App Store Link) helps you visualize and manage all kinds of information about your files and folders.

After a quick scan of all your hard drives, the app builds an intuitive map that shows how your storage is used. You can then select files and folders that you no longer need, and either delete them or compress them so that they eat up less space.


Grids - App for Instagram on desktop 3.2

ThinkTime Creations’s Grids (Mac App Store Link) is a desktop-based Instagram client that personalizes your timeline view, thanks to its four predefined styles that you can then tweak to match your color and layout preferences. The app supports multiple accounts and is fully compatible with Instagram’s features, including support for likes, followers, search, bookmarks, and notifications.


inTone 2 2.4.0

Audiffex’s $49 inTone 2 (Mac App Store Link) brings out the DJ in you, thanks to its set of jamming tools. The app lets you mix different audio inputs, add in your own effects for a unique sound, and use a variety of virtual instruments for the perfect pitch.


Liquid 9.0

Frode Hegland’s Liquid (Mac App Store Link) is a powerful app designed to help you perform searches and conversions using a variety of online tools.

Liquid displays a handy pop-up window where you can type a string of text and use it against a variety of sources, like search engines, online encyclopedias, and so forth. The app also offers one-click conversions between all kinds of units of measurements, and automated translations to and from foreign languages using one of several online tools.


PassMaker 2.0

Kyle Rohr’s PassMaker (Mac App Store Link) generates simple and secure passwords designed to help make all your online accounts safer.

The app uses secure and encrypted combinations of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and can be set to generate passwords of a custom length. It also sports a handy Notification Center widget that gives you quick access to a new password any time you need it.


RapidWeaver 7

Realmac Software’s $99 RapidWeaver allows you to easily create websites using a rich interface that features powerful and intuitive tools.

Whether you’re working on a blog or just getting through your day job, RapidWeaver features powerful code-generation tools, and sports an ecosystem of more than 1,000 third-party add-ons designed to cater to your every web development need.


Thumbtack 2.4

Reactiv Code’s $5 Thumbtack (Mac App Store Link) connects to your Pinboard account and lets you quickly access all of your bookmarks from the convenience of your menu bar.

The app supports customizable keyboard shortcuts to search and edit your bookmarks, and includes a Safari extension that lets you add new entries to your account.

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