The Week in iOS Accessories: Take it to the kitchen

This week's roundup includes a device that lets you prepare your meal while keeping an eye on your iPad.

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Kitchen confidential

This week’s roundup includes a device that lets you prepare your meal while keeping an eye on your iPad. Read on!

bamboo cuttingboard

CTA Digital

If you like to take your tablet into the kitchen, the $25 Bamboo iPad Cutting Board ($25 MSRP, available for $11.11 on Amazon) is a nifty accessory: It includes a slot for displaying your iPad, a transparent screen shield to keep food from splattering onto the display, and side storage for up to eight knives. 

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DRiWE is expandable memory for your phone; now in its Indiegogo crowdsourcing phase, the device comes in 32, 64, and 128GB versions. You’ll need to pledge $19 to get in on the ground floor. 


DxO Labs

We’ve written about the DxO One ($499 MSRP, available for $439 on Amazon) before, and because there’s so much to love, this gadget is worth another mention—it plugs directly into your iPhone or iPad’s Lightning port to create an iOS-enhanced camera. The device includes a 32mm lens, the ability to capture HD video, and has shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 second. 

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The Juice Pack Wireless ($99.95 MSRP) takes everything we’ve come to trust about Mophie’s charging accessories and makes it available as a wireless charging station, available for all iPhone 6 and 6 plus generation phones. To power up, you just place the phone in its case on any wireless charging base. The case also carries extra power, providing up to seven extra hours of talk time.


Danny P.

The Leather Wallet Case ($129 MSRP) doesn’t feature a battery, as do other purses and clutches we’ve featured recently. But it does have room for your iPhone, five credit cards, and an ID. 

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The $60 Meem charger ($70 MSRP) backs up the data on your iOS device every time you charge. The first time you plug in the Meem, a companion app will automatically start downloading—later, this app will allow you to upload your info to the cloud. You’ll then set a passcode to keep the data private. The makers say: “If you lose your phone, simply plug your Meem into a new phone and your photos, calendar, videos and contacts will be transferred in one simple step.” 

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The $35 RideMate Bike Mount ($35 MSRP, available for $25 on Amazon) is a waterproof case that straps to your handlebars and lets you operate your iPhone while bicycling. The device can rotate 360 degrees, snapping into place when you find the display angle you’re comfortable with. 

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Kensington’s Security Charging Cabinet ($700 MSRP) is built for schools, businesses, and other institutions that have a number of iOS devices that must be kept secure. The cabinet can store and charge up to 12 devices—up to 14 inches each—simultaneously.

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Native Union

The $50 TAG Lightning Cable ($50 MSRP) is a “luxury leather charging cable” that attaches to your carry-on bag; when it’s opened, it’s 7.9 inches long, and provides both power and data transfer from a USB device to your Lightning-equipped iOS device.

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