The Week in Mac Apps: Roadblock's customizable browsing experience gets rid of pop-up ads

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes Roadblock, which lets you filter out certain browsing annoyances to give you a better internet experience.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes Roadblock, which lets you filter out certain browsing annoyances to give you a better internet experience. Plus, additional tools to keep track of your Bluetooth devices, organize your files, free up memory, save your favorite webpages for offline viewing, and much more.


AutoMute - Preventing Awkward Situations 1.3

Worried about accidentally playing music too loud in the office? Yoni Levy’s AutoMute comes to the rescue by automatically muting your speakers when this problem is most likely to happen.

AutoMute works by disabling your audio output whenever your computer wakes up from sleep, or when your Bluetooth headphones are disconnected. It otherwise sits quietly in the background; it also has a status icon for your Mac’s menu bar from which you can control and activate the app.


BlueSense 1.1.4

Inspira Studio’s $5 BlueSense (Mac App Store Link) lets you perform a number of custom actions when you are in range of your connected Bluetooth devices.

The app features a simple interface that shows you the Bluetooth signal strength that is required to trigger any given command—from automatically unlocking your Mac to changing your online status on Skype.


File List Export 2.0

Giorgos Trigonakis’s $5 File List Export (Mac App Store Link) is a list manager, letting you create and organize lists of the files residing on your Mac.

The also sorts files according a variety of parameters, like size, date, and path, image size, and audio sample rate. The lists it generates can then be exported in a variety of formats for usage by other programs for tasks like backups and indexing.


FreeMemory 2.0.2

For those moments when your Mac starts slowing down and becoming unresponsive, Rocky Sand Studio’s $5 FreeMemory (Mac App Store Link) gathers detailed information about your memory usage and can free up valuable RAM when needed.

The app shows you the current status of your memory right from your menu bar, where it can be displayed as text, a graph, or even a detachable 3D pie chart. To keep the process as simple as possible, you can set up reminders to warn you when your RAM is almost full, and let FreeMemory attempt to automatically free it up for you.


iSaveWeb 1.0

MaximumSoft’s iSaveWeb (Mac App Store Link) saves websites and pages on your local hard drive, so that you can access them offline later.

The app works from within Safari or its built-in browser, and downloads everything you need to access pages offline, including images, scripts, and even encrypted data.


Muzzy for iTunes 1.0.4

Pedro Vieira’s Muzzy brings all your iTunes controls right to your menu. It displays album artwork and song lyrics, lets you browse and play all your music, and supports built-in notifications that show your track titles. The app also integrates with for additional functionality, like updating your social media status and sharing your playlists.


Readiris 15 15.1

I.R.I.S.’s $100 Readiris 15 features a powerful OCR engine that can convert digital images and PDF files to editable documents that can be opened with any text editor.

The app can detect the original document’s layout and convert various components, like tables and paragraphs. For more complex scenarios, it also allows you to manually select the areas that need to be processed. Readiris can export its data to a variety of formats, and supports sharing via multiple cloud providers.



Obied Corner’s Roadblock (Mac App Store Link) helps you get rid of all those pesky pop-up ads by giving a full set of tools with which you can customize your web browsing experience.

The app’s intuitive interface lets you exclude ads and content through a set of simple rules, which you can either specify manually or create interactively from any website. Roadblock also blocks tracking cookies and social media shares, and keeps your settings synchronized across devices, where you can take advantage of its functionality through companion apps for the iPhone and iPad.


Simple Antnotes 1.6.0

Antlogic’s Simple Antnotes (Mac App Store Link) lets you quickly create reminders and pin them to your desktop for quick access.

Its stickies-like interface makes quick work of creating notes and personalizing them with different backgrounds, images, colored text, and sounds; you can then further tweak their appearance by making them translucent or keeping them in the foreground.

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