Why Apple's emojification of iMessage in iOS 10 is not innovative enough

Do we really need another cutesy messaging app?

imessage in ios 10 app drawer stickers

Apple has put the “mess” in iMessage.

Last week at WWDC, Apple unveiled drastic new changes to its iMessage platform and the Messages app in iOS 10. Apple’s native messaging service has gone from a simple texting app to one that relies on emoji, apps, animations and other visual effects to get the point across. But let’s not confuse emojification with innnovation.

In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, we explore why Apple missed the mark in trying to make iMessage a clone version of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. In iOS 10 you’ll be able to send a message in “Invisible Ink” but you won’t be able to use Apple Pay to send your friends some cash. Watch the video above to see why this doesn’t make any sense.

And let us know what you think: Is Apple smart to compete against Snapchat and Facebook by giving us a “cute” way to communicate or will you be avoiding the new iMessage like the black plague? 💀

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