The Week in Mac Apps: Dress for the weather with Swackett, a different kind of weather app

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings us Swackett, a weather app that tells you what to wear and what to pack for the day based on the forecast.

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New Mac apps for the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings us Swackett, a weather app that tells you what to wear and what to pack for the day based on the forecast. Plus, a couple of casual games for your spare time, an app to secure your iMovie library, notetaking tools to get you organized, and much more. Read on!


Backups for iMovie 1.0.1

MEA Mobile’s $10 Backups for iMovie (Mac App Store Link) keeps those precious moments you capture on video safe and sound. The app creates snapshots of the iMovie content stored on your Mac, making sure that all your videos and ongoing projects can be recovered at any time. Backups for iMovie also automatically tracks available storage and deletes old snapshots to prevent them from accidentally filling up your hard drive.


Battery Health 2 - Monitor Battery Stats and Usage 1.0

FIPLAB’s Battery Health 2 (Mac App Store Link) helps you maximize your MacBook’s battery usage by gathering and displaying current and previous power usage stats. In addition to displaying your MacBook’s current charge level, the app generates charts that show your usage patterns over time, and it also comes with a widget that can accessed from your Notification Center.


Direct Message for Instagram 1.0.3

ThinkTime Creations’s $3 Direct Message lets you communicate with your Instagram friends right from your desktop. After connecting to your Instagram account, you can access Direct Message directly from your menu bar, scan your message history, and send new comments directly from within the app, which also gives you the option to receive new message alerts through Notification Center.


Life Is Strange 1.0

We usually save game releases for their own roundup, but this one was too interesting to pass up. Feral Interactive’s $5 Life Is Strange (Mac App Store Link) is a compelling adventure game, where you help a photography student find her missing friend. To solve the mystery, you’ll travel to the past, where your actions affect future events and change the storyline, revealing new clues and information. Life is Strange’s first chapter comes included in the purchase price, while subsequent adventures can be bought in app as a bundle.


Mimpi Dreams 2.02.1

Speaking of wonderful adventures, Silicon Jelly’s $3 Mimpi Dreams (Mac App Store Link) lets you embark in a challenging journey of a most unusual… canine mind.

In the game, you help sleepy dog Mimpi travel inside his dreams, where he turns into a relentless hero whose mission is to save those in need, facing all kinds of obstacles, puzzles, and enemies. Along the way, Mimpi also gets the chance to interact with a variety of creatures that inhabit his vivid imagination, all the while keeping you entertained with colorful graphics and engaging activities.


MoneyControl - Income and Expense tracker 2.4

Priotecs’s MoneyControl (Mac App Store Link) keeps track of your finances, thanks to a full set of features that record your daily transactions and help you budget for the future.

The app lets you update your books with your revenue and expenses, generates useful reports for an overall picture of your financial situation, and creates forecasts for the future based on your history. It automatically backups your data for peace of mind, and integrates with Dropbox to keep info synchronized across all your devices.


Note-Ify Notes 1.3

Note-Ify Apps’s $5 Note-Ify Notes (Mac App Store Link) is an easy-to-use note-taking app, letting you jot down your thoughts in an organized manner.

The app allows you to format notes using the popular Markdown standard, organizes your entries according to several criteria, and creates custom folders for easier retrieval.


Short Menu: Powerful URL Shortener 2.2.1

When every character counts, Appiculous’s $3 Short Menu (Mac App Store Link) is a simple tool that shortens long URLs using one of the 15 cloud-based services it supports. The app automatically scans the contents of your pasteboard and uses the shortener of your choice to replace any URL it finds with a shorter equivalent. It even lives in your menu bar—it couldn’t be easier to use!


Swackett — a different kind of weather app 4.0.1

Swackett (Mac App Store Link) is a weather app that helps you make sense of the forecast by using visual cues. In addition to traditional data (temperature, weather conditions, moisture, and radar imagery), the app makes practical suggestions on what to wear, whether you should take an umbrella with you, or whether it’s a good idea to leave Fido at home and take an extra bottle of water out with you on a very hot day.

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