The Week in Mac Accessories: Plenty of USB-C devices to go around

  • Amped Wireless Artemis AC1300 High Power AC1300 Wi-Fi...

    on Amazon
  • Belkin USB-C Car Charger + Cable

    on Amazon
  • Kanex GoPower Slim Aluminum USB-C Portable Battery

  • Compulocks Brands, Inc. Maclocks Ledge Security Lock Slot...

    on Amazon
  • nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter for MacBook 12-inch and...

    on Amazon
  • Satechi 48W Car Charger Adapter with Type C and Standard...

  • Seenda Aluminum Stand with 4-Port Hub

  • Posh Projects 701 Metal Clip

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Oh say can you USB-C?

This week's roundup includes a lot of devices intended to utilize the USB-C port on your new MacBook. Read on!


Amped Wireless

The Artemis AC1300 High Power Wi-Fi Router ($130 MSRP; $130 on Amazon) is billed as the “ultimate router for the multi-device household.” The device has eight advanced amplifiers, two high-gain antennas and 1.26 GBps download speeds.

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The USB-C Car Charger + Cable ($25 on Amazon) makes it easy to charge USB-C devices while on the road; it includes a four-foot cable —it can reach back to the passenger seats from your vehicle’s in-dash power port—and 27W output.

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  • Kanex GoPower Slim Aluminum USB-C Portable Battery


The GoPower USB-C Portable Battery ($100 on Amazon) is a 15,000-mAh backup battery designed to provide a full charge to your MacBook. The device is just 24 ounces, making it easy to slip into your bag and have backup power on the go.

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The SD1500 USB-C Mobile Dock ($90 on Amazon) enables your MacBook to display video out to a 4K or 1080p HD monitor or projector;  it also offers USB port expansion for a mouse, keyboard or memory device.



The MacBook Lock Slot Adapter ($52 on Amazon for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) lets you add a security slot to your new MacBook, after which you use a security cable lock to secure it to your desk or table, making sure nobody can grab your laptop and run off with it. The lock slot is available without a cable; you can buy cable bundle deals that include a keyed lock ($75 on Amazon for MacBook Air or MacBook Pro) or combination lock ($66 on Amazon for MacBook Air or $75 on Amazon for MacBook Pro).



The Mini Adapter ($11 on Amazon, available in gold, silver, and space gray) is another piece of USB-C tech—plug it into the port on your MacBook and it use it to charge any standard USB device, or transfer data at USB 3.0 speeds.

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  • Satechi 48W Car Charger Adapter with Type C and...


The Type-C USB and Standard USB A Car Charger ($25 an Amazon ) is a dual-port charger that lets you charge your MacBook and your mobile devices on the road. It's available in gold, silver and space gray.

  • Seenda Aluminum Stand with 4-Port Hub


The Aluminum Stand with 4-Port Hub is made of aluminum and rosewood; it expands the power of your Mac by including four USB ports. (They can’t all be USB-C ports, can they?)

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  • Posh Projects 701 Metal Clip

Posh Projects

The 701 Metal Clip ($8) lets you pin that critical document to your MacBook’s screen while you’re typing critical details from it. Simple, but helpful.