The Week in Mac Apps: Get you desktop just the way you want it with Black Light's custom settings

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Too bright or too dark? Get you desktop just the way you want it with Black Light's custom settings

This week’s roundup of new Mac Apps brings you insightful weather forecasts, better integration with Android, gorgeous train simulators, photo managing tools, and much more.


Alinof Archives 4.1.0

Alinof Software’s $40 Alinof Archives (Mac App Store link) allows you to organize all your virtual receipts, warranties, and documents in one convenient place. With its user-friendly interface, the app lets you add useful information-like vendor, date, amount and type of transaction-right beside each item’s scanned image, and can then automatically group your records in folders for quicker access.


Black Light 2.3

Michel Fortin’s $9 Black Light (Mac App Store link) lets you change the look and feel of your monitor by manipulating its gamma curve. The app allows you to alter the dynamic range of your screen’s pixels to achieve cool effects like reversing its colors for a negative effect, overexposing existing hues for a washed-out look, and much more.


Forecast Bar - Weather Powered by 2.6.4

Real Casual Games’s $5 Forecast Bar (Mac App Store link) provides accurate weather information using the popular service. Once you click on the app’s menu bar icon, you can access a resizable window that displays current temperature, five-day forecast, rain outlook, and severe weather alerts—which are also available in a Notification Center widget. If you want more, Forecast Bar offers additional information like hourly forecasts, atmospheric pressure indicators, UV index, and everything else you need to be up to speed with your local weather.


HandShaker - Manage Your Android Phones at Ease 1.1.0

Smartisan Technology Co’s HandShaker (Mac App Store link) helps you manage your Android-based device right from your Mac. The app provides a simple interface where you can access all your devices’s content and perform simple commands like copying photos, transferring files, and even playing music.


piQtility 4.7.3

MoonApp’s $15 piQtility (Mac App Store link) is a comprehensive photo managing tool to get your pictures organized just the way you want them. The app gives you a full set of editing and filtering tools, and makes quick work of manipulating large batches of files using a streamlined workflow. Once you are done, exporting your final work to iPhoto and Photos apps-or even creating your very own web gallery—is as simple as clicking your mouse.


Trainz A New Era 1.0.6

If you’re a train enthusiast, you’ll find N3V Games PTY LTD’s $38 Trainz A New Era’s realistic simulation of railroad building an engaging experience. Trainz A New Era lets you create your very own railroad network either from scratch or by reenacting one of the many historical routes offered by the game. Once finished, you can watch your trains speeding in real time through realistic 3D scenery that even includes a full weather simulation.


Translate Tab 2.0.1

Alex Izvekov’s $5 Translate Tab (Mac App Store link) helps you perform quick translations between over 100 languages. Whenever you’re trying to navigate a foreign website or decipher an e-mail, the app automatically detects the original language and translates it according to your settings. Translate Tab is compatible with international keyboards, supports handwriting for ideographic languages, and can even generate a phonetic transcription of your text to help you read it out loud.


WhatIsRunning - A toolbar that allows you to organise your screen and show you what apps are running 1.2.2

If you frequently work with a large number of applications at the same time, RichIntellect Limited’s $4 WhatIsRunning (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep track of what runs on your Mac. WhatIsRunning creates a dedicated floating toolbar that shows a running list of open apps, allows you to quickly switch between them, and even notifies you if one of them unexpectedly quits.


World of Tanks Blitz 2.11.0

There’s quite nothing like smashing a few things to bits to wind down at the end of the busy day—a task that Wargaming’s World of Tanks Blitz (Mac App Store link) takes to heart by placing you at the helm of your very own armored vehicle. The game includes overs 200 realistic tanks from World War 2, 18 battle arenas, and a large number of upgrades that you can earn to improve your chances of winning a match against the game’s AI or human opponents.

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