The Week in Mac Apps: Bare Bones Software's text editor BBEdit gets an update

In this week's roundup of new Mac apps, we get a glimpse at BBEdit's latest update, plus so much more.

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New Mac apps of the week

In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, we get a glimpse at BBEdit’s latest update, plus so much more—like tools for sharing screenshots, reminder apps, and launchers. Read on!


AppStarter 2.2

Afinta’s $5 AppStarter (Mac App Store Link) launches all your apps from one convenient place—the menu bar. You can also customize its window so that it displays only the apps you want, and then organize your apps by category and create custom icons.


BBEdit 11

Bare Bones has once again updated its ever-popular $50 BBEdit advanced text editor, now in its eleventh edition.

The app offers all the tools for working with complex collections of technical text and code, including terminal integration, fully customizable syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages, project organization and management, multi-document display, and a slew of scriptable text-processing tasks that make simultaneous changes to a large amount of data easy and convenient.


Blend 8.1.24

Blend Systems’ Blend (Mac App Store Link) helps you stay in touch with friends and family through your own private chat rooms.

The app allows you to easily send messages, videos, and photos, and sports built-in link integration for YouTube clips and Instagram photos.


Captured 4.1

Developer Christopher Sexton’s $3 Captured (Mac App Store Link) is a simple tool for sharing screenshots in the cloud.

Once invoked, the app allows you to take a screenshot, which it then automatically uploads to services like Imgur, Dropbox, Amazon’s S3, or SFTP. Once it’s done, it then copies the resulting URL to your pasteboard so that it can easily be shared with your friends and colleagues via email or social media.


Clocker - Menubar World Clock 1.3

Abhishek Banthia’s Clocker - Menubar World Clock (Mac App Store Link) shows you the local time in various places around the world to help you connect with family and friends at a convenient time for everyone.

The app can be accessed directly from the menu bar, provides a customizable window where you can add as many locations as you need and arrange them in the order of your choosing, and even lets you fast forward time into the future to set a meeting on a different date.


Evoland 2 1.0.3

Shiro Games’ $15 Evoland 2 (Mac App Store Link) lets you explore different environments in an ever-changing RPG setting.

This sequel to the popular Evoland lets you travel in time, evolving as you progress from two-dimensional scenarios to complex 3D environments—all the while making fun references to classic games like Zelda and old-style rogue like adventures.


MenuBar Stats - System Monitor & Memory Clean & Battery Health 2.2

Seense’s $5 MenuBar Stats (Mac App Store Link) gives you a quick glimpse of the status of your system resources directly from your menu bar.

The app includes a number of customizable modules that display detailed information about your CPU usage, battery level, disk space, network traffic, and even your Mac’s temperature.


Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery 1.8.0

MyTona’s Seekers Notes (Mac App Store Link) provides nourishment for your brain in the form of a series of challenging quests and puzzles.

Set into the cursed city of Darkwood, Seekers Notes lets you guide the Seeker onto a wondrous journey to free its citizens from evil while fighting monsters and collecting more than 150 unique artifacts.


Smart Reminder 2.2.1

If you have a hard time remembering appointments and important dates, CoreBits Software Solutions’s Smart Reminder (Mac App Store Link) helps you stay on top of things by spicing up your calendar with a few special effects.

The app lets you create repeating events and associate them with all kinds of unique behaviors, like open specific webpages, making notifications bounce and shake to catch your attention, and even use themed backgrounds for a more personal touch. If all else fails, the app can even speak the name of each event out aloud.

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