Beta fishing: Messing with iOS 10


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What’s the one rule about beta software, people? You don’t write reviews of it.

Now, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes might slide because his piece doesn’t say “REVIEW:” on it, but as far as passing judgment goes…

“iOS 10 is a total mess.” (Tip o’ the antlers to macfixer.)

Let’s just say it’s a little judgey. The subtitle, however, commits the cardinal sin.

With about two months to go until iOS 10 is released, the current beta shows an operating system full of bugs and strange user interface changes.

CUSTOMER: Waiter! There are bugs in this beta!

WAITER: Of course there are. It’s a beta. Also, stop yelling or you’ll be asked to leave.

For the purposes of this column I'm going to ignore what are obvious bugs…

Other than to mention them right under the title implying that they are helping make this operating system beta a “mess”.

In fairness to Kingsley-Hughes (who seems on Twitter to be a very nice guy, by the way), it’s possible some SEO junky at ZDNet wrote that sub title. On the other hand, he still wants you to know that it’s verrrrrry buggy.

…yes, there are bugs, lots of bugs…

So many bugs, ugh, gawd, just crawling with them, all the bugs, everywhere OH GOD GET THEM OFF ME.

…lots of very weird and obvious bugs which cause me to wonder just how much testing Apple has done so far…

But I’m not going to mention bugs because it’s a beta!

…and focus instead on what appear to be deliberate changes that Apple has made in iOS 10.

Well, we’re glad you didn’t say anything at all about bugs. Other than all that stuff and then speculating again later about all the bugs that might be in the new notification screen. Other than those times.

Let me start off by saying that I wholeheartedly agree with my colleague Zack Whittaker when he says that a lock screen shouldn't be a hub of information.

That may be your opinion but it is not shared by a lot of people. Witness the outcry over how fast the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 6s is. It is too fast, people cried! We can’t see our sexts! When will someone save us from this snappy user experience!

Hey, look, the Macalope didn’t get it either, but it’s a real thing people complain about. If you’re someone who gets a lot of texts, maybe that makes sense. Mythical beasts just don’t get that many texts. Let alone sexts.

Kingsley-Hughes knows the answer to why it is the way it is, but can’t seem to accept it.

I suppose the answer is convenience.

Convenience, pfft, whatever. If you ask me, kids have it a little too convenient these days what with their Pokémons and such.

It's almost as if Apple realizes how complex iOS has become, with information buried in every nook and cranny, and it now wants to make that information plainly visible.

Is iOS really that complex or do we just do so much more with our mobile devices now? Ask an Android user and they’ll tell you iOS is an over-simplified mobile operating system for babies with under-developed motor skills. And then the Macalope will say “Oh, yeah? Hey, have you fixed all those scrolling problems?” and the Android user will say “You take that back!” and then a slap fight will break out.

…from the lock screen you swipe left to access the camera, rather than swiping up. I'm not sure what this is supposed to accomplish, especially since you seem to have to make a huge, exaggerated swipe.

The horny one finds it vastly easier to swipe left anywhere on the screen in iOS 10 than swipe up from just the lower right corner in iOS 9 to get to the camera. It is slightly inconsistent that you can’t swipe out of the camera to get back but please hold your table flipping until all the changes have been displayed as huge problems, even the ones that are improvements.

Because Kingsley-Hughes really doesn’t like iOS 10’s revamped Control Center.

I don't understand why this panel wastes so much space, and I don't know why it has to extend over two panels…

Look at Control Center in iOS 9. It’s jumbled and confusing compared to iOS 10. iOS 10’s may not be perfect, but it’s much easier to figure out.

Why is the Night Shift button so crazy big?

The Macalope really doesn’t care, he’s just glad it’s a button instead of a box.

Do the colors on the circular buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and such mean anything in particular (beyond the fact that the setting is on/off)?

If you’d tried them all, you’d have seen they’re different colors by type to somehow indicate function. Personally, the Macalope thinks if they’re going to be different colors, they should all be different instead of WiFi and Bluetooth both being blue, so he’s not saying it’s perfect as it is, but it’s something one could figure out if one were, say, passing judgement on an operating system based on a beta release and accusing Apple of not doing enough leg work.

Not that one should be engaged in such an activity, should this theoretical person exist.

The iOS 10 Control Center ranks not only as one of the worst user interface designs by Apple, but as one of the worst by any major software developer.

Other than that, how did you like the operating system beta, Mrs. Lincoln? Suffice it to say, we shall have to agree to vehemently disagree in vein-bulging, red faced silence on this particular point.

And the idea of passing judgement on a beta release instead of making suggestions.

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