Time… ing: Where are the new Macs?


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There’s a lot of rending of garments of late over the geriatric nature of the Mac lineup and a lot of usage of the term “long in the tooth” which is stupid because if you bite your Mac you will almost certainly void the warranty, ha-ha, that’s a joke, the Apple Care on your Mac ran out 14 months ago.

“Brian Hall: Apple ‘doing their customers a disservice’ claims the General Manager of Microsoft Surface.” (Tip o’ the antlers to BabyG.)

Well, really, who else are you going to ask if not the guy in charge of one piece of hardware?

“Not sure what their problem is! It’s extraordinarily easy from where I’m sitting!”

He’s not wrong about the Mac lineup being a bit aged, however. This is a true story: Just this very day the Macalope’s spouse was cleaning out the refrigerator and found a jar of pickles that expired in 2013. Those pickles were fresher than much of Apple’s current Mac lineup.

We still didn’t eat them.

Pretty much everyone accepts that new Macs are on the way, at the very least a new MacBook Pro. Which is why this is the perfect time to complain. As Neil Cybart noted:

Writing posts about the lack of updated Apple hardware a month before Apple's annual hardware event is...odd.

Well, Neil, come on. Pundits can’t very well write them after Apple releases new hardware. How would that work? Not at all.

It has been a long time between refreshes for some of these products but as Joel Hruska explains, it’s not entirely Apple’s fault, a lot of Apple’s refresh cycle keys off Intel’s processor upgrades.

The first thing to note is how little Intel’s chip lineup has actually changed in the past three years.

In short, there’s just not much reason to update the Mac Pro’s CPU — not until and unless Intel can field designs that truly merit it.

There are other non-processor improvements Apple could have made and Apple is, of course, the one ultimately responsible for making an appealing end product. It doesn’t help to point fingers when you’ve got an ailing Mac that desperately needs replacing and the MacRumors buying guide has enough red lights to make a really bad day at the nuclear plant.

The new Macs are coming, they just can’t come too soon.

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