The Week in Mac Apps: A new update for Calcbot, Tapbots' calculator and unit conversion app

It's back-to-school time, and this week's roundup of new Mac apps brings you a serving of calculators, great ways to create your own library, and a fun way to learn more about Linux.

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New Mac apps of the week

It’s back-to-school time, and this week’s roundup of new Mac apps brings you a serving of calculators, great ways to create your own library, and a fun way to learn more about Linux. Read on!


1-Degree Finance: Home Budget, Expenses and Bills 1.5.2

Neroli Studio’s 1-Degree Finance helps you keep your finances organized by creating useful reports for budgeting and monitoring your financial life.

The app keeps track of your income and expenses, and automatically sorts your spending into customizable categories that make it easy to understand where your money goes. You can also export your data to a spreadsheet, and access it across multiple devices via iCloud.


3DWeather 1.9.7

InspiringLife’s $5 3DWeather (Mac App Store Link) brings the weather to life on your desktop—with fun animations.

In addition to short- and long-term forecasts, the app provides detailed information on weather conditions like windchill, visibility, and precipitation, comes with 21 built-in themes, and can send you alerts about the latest weather news through Notification Center.


Bookpedia 5.5

If you ever wanted to catalogue all those books sitting on your shelf, Bruji’s $19 Bookpedia (Mac App Store Link) is a useful tool to get your collection organized.

The app features a friendly interface that automatically retrieves any available web-based information about your books. You can also create handy charts that show your most popular authors and helps you understand your reading habits better.


Calcbot - The Intelligent Calculator and Unit Converter 1.0.6

From the kitchen to the road, Tapbots’s $5 Calcbot (Mac App Store Link) helps you make quick work of converting values between multiple units of measure.

The app supports a range of nearly 500 different units, including weights, volumes, distances, and currencies. It’s also a fully-functional calculator that can resolve complex equations and comes preloaded with dozens of built-in scientific functions.


Linuxer 1.0

Learn to game the system—the operating system, that is—with Small Digits’s $5 Linuxer (Mac App Store Link), a fun app that teaches you how to use Linux through a series of playful challenges.

With Linuxer, you can learn how to use the command line, set up a network, and even create firewalls to protect your computer. Thanks to the app’s hands-on approach to exercises and extensive documentation, you can rest assured that you will become a Linux wiz in no time.


List My Apps 1.5.0

If you are an avid Mac user, CIMSoft’s $2 List My Apps (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep tabs on your software habits by quickly identifying and cataloguing all the applications you bought through the Mac App Store.

List My App scans your hard drive for apps and creates a list of everything you have installed, singling out your Mac App Store purchases and providing information like version, title, category, copyright, and even recent updates.


Magic Number – The Smart Calculator 2.8

Seed’s $10 Magic Number augments your math-wiz skills with a full-fledged scientific calculator.

The app features a convenient expression editor, and can tackle a variety of tasks—from calculating tax and interest rates to solving complex algebraic formulae. Even better, Magic Number can be accessed directly from the menu bar, where it sits quietly until called upon to perform is mathematical magic.


Studies – Flashcards for Serious Students 1.0.10

It’s not easy being a student, but at least you can count on The Mental Faculty’s $30 Studies (Mac App Store Link) to help you remember important concepts through the use of flash cards.

The app includes fully customizable cards that can be edited with pictures, information, and even due dates to remind you of upcoming assignment deadlines. Studies also integrates with iCloud to let you access your flash cards on your iOS devices, where you can use its mobile companion app for a last brush-up while you’re on the go.


Yoink - Simplify and Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac 3.2.1

Eternal Storms Software’s $7 Yoink (Mac App Store Link) gives you a convenient temporary storage location where you can “park” your data.

Yoink creates a dedicated space on your desktop from where you can drag-and-drop files or content on a temporary basis—like if you need to move things from one app to another, for example, or while you figure out a file’s final destination on your hard drive. The app supports Quick Look to let you peek at your data without opening it, and comes with a host of customizable features to make it a great fit for your workflow.

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