The Week in Mac Apps: New update for VPN Unlimited

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes VPN Unlimited's latest update, which makes it easier for you to get safely connected no matter where you are.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes VPN Unlimited’s latest update, which makes it easier for you to get safely connected no matter where you are. Plus, new menu bar tools, games, and more. Read on!


Algebra Study Guide with Tutorials 1.0

Taptopia’s $7 Algebra Study Guide hones your math skills with step-by-step problems that turn you into a math wiz just in time for the new school year.

The app includes learning materials and handy video tutorials that cover concepts like equations and rational functions, followed by examples and exercises to help you practice your knowledge. If you can’t quite figure something out, the app comes with in-depth explanations by an expert in the field.


HazeOver 1.7.3

Maxim Ananov’s $4 HazeOver: Distraction Dimmer (Mac App Store Link) dims everything on your desktop—except for the app you’re working with—to help you stay focused. The app also includes an option to keep your menu bar dark, which keeps it accessible without being a distraction. Plus, HazeOver is compatible with multi-monitor setups, and you can tweak the brightness level of the virtual curtain it draws over your desktop.


Fractal Architect 4 4.3.3

Centcom’s Fractal Architect 4 (Mac App Store Link) helps you create 3D and 2D fractal images for all kinds of uses.

The app includes a comprehensive editor, where you can adjust multiple parameters to make each image unique. You can also create animated designs and sync their movements with music—like a visual movie soundtrack.


Journaly - Journal 1.5

Emberify’s $15 Journaly (Mac App Store Link) offers an array of useful features to neatly organize your thoughts and stories, complete with photos, moods, and weather.

The app’s interface makes it easy to create and customize entries with all kinds of attachments, and its iCloud support allows you to easily sync your data across multiple devices.


Kingdom: New Lands 1.0.0

Take a break from the daily grind with Noio’s $15 Kingdom: New Lands (Mac App Store Link), a fantastic adventure where you explore foreign lands to expand your kingdom.

The game lets you travel to different islands filled with tricky environments to navigate, mysteries to solve, and enemies to defeat, all the while collecting exciting new mounts and facing challenging environments for the ultimate reward.


Map for Pokemon Go 1.0

If you’re having a hard time catching ‘em all, Bolt Visual’s $2 Map for Pokémon Go keeps you on top of your game with a compilation of all the popular spawn spots.

The app shows the best gathering grounds on a map, which will help you level up quickly and without effort—it saves you time by directing you to the right spot for a profitable hunt.


Recess 3.0

Like its school-time namesake, iMacAmi’s Recess (Mac App Store Link) keeps you from sitting for prolonged periods of time, reminding you to take breaks throughout a long workday.

Easily accessible from your menu bar, the app completely blurs your screen for a short period of time when it’s time to catch your breath, and can be customized to suit your working habits to let you skip a scheduled pause any time you need to.


SimplePlanes 1.5.2

Ever dream of designing your own plane? Jundroo’s $10 SimplePlanes (Mac App Store Link) lets you do just that, from nose to tail.

The game includes a handy editor that guides you through the process of customizing your flying machine’s every last detail, and a full-fledged simulator that lets you experience realistic scenarios that range from landing on aircraft carriers to racing through canyons. And, if aerospace engineering isn’t quite your cup of tea, SimplePlanes comes with a number of handy tutorials, and a collection of ready-to-fly planes to get you right into the action.


VPN Unlimited 3.0

The latest update to KeepSolid’s popular VPN Unlimited (Mac App Store Link) features a completely new interface and an improved server search feature that lets you safely browse the internet in a matter of minutes.

VPN Unlimited automatically encrypts all your transmitted data, secures your internet connection, and protects your Wi-Fi network from unwanted access to keep your online presence safe at all times.

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