The Week in iOS Apps: Muhammad Ali, like you've never seen him

You've played boxing games. And you've played Candy Crush. Have you tried mixing the two?

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The greatest!

You’ve played boxing games. And you’ve played Candy Crush. Have you tried mixing the two? Read on!


Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King

Have you ever said to yourself, “Gosh, I like classic pro boxing, but I wish it had more Candy Crush-type elements?” You’re in luck! Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King (freemium) lets you live the late champ’s career in a game that mixes match-three action and boxing.


Aceable Drivers / Defensive Driving

Your iOS device is full of tricks—it can even teach you to drive. Aceable Drivers (freemium) lets you fulfill the classroom portion of driver’s ed training—using memes, animation, and voiceovers—in Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, or Ohio. If the lesson doesn’t quite take, Defensive Driving (freemium) lets you take the remedial class you need to clear away a traffic ticket from your record. 



AOL has redesigned its Alto (free) app—which, in addition to freshening up things with a new color palette and the use of a new font, includes navigation improvements. Developers have “made the most valuable actions reachable by thumb … and all around just gave this thing a major iOS-ification!”


Need a good chuckle? (freemium, iPhone only) is tryng to be the Spotify of standup comedy, bringing you routines from more than 400 comedians, including Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, and Amy Schumer. Like what you hear? Save and share your favorite jokes, channels, and comedians.


MyScript Nebo

There are lots of great note-taking apps out there, but MyScript Nebo (free, iPad only) is one of the first designed for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The app’s “Interactive Ink” allows you to use the pencil to “write, insert or remove content and space, decorate and apply styles.” The app lets you do everything from take notes (natch) to draw diagrams to making sketches and annotations.



Nike has long had an iOS presence, thanks to its health apps, but its presence was incomplete: Nike+ (free) lets you shop for Nike products, book an event, or get expert advice on your training plan.



SampleTank ($20, iPhone only) has long let you augment your band with an endless variety of musical sounds. Now IK Multimedia—the creator of a number of top-shelf iOS apps and accessories for musicians—has launched Version 2.0, which includes an interface redesign, more than 1,900 available sounds, and an “inspiring” new Sound Browser.


Sky Tripping

Ready to iPad and chill? Sky Tripping ($3) lets you relax with short videos giving you aerial views of the California coast. Download it for your mobile device, and you can use the app free on your Apple TV.


Others of note

Nike+ RunClub has improved its sharing features and added additional coaching features … Twitter’s official iOS app has added an “after dark” mode …. YouTube’s app now allows you to mark “next up” videos as “not interested.”

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