Why killing the iPhone 7’s headphone jack is Apple innnovation at its best

Apple might get rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7—and it’s about damn time.

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No headphone jack? No problem.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to be missing a headphone jack, which means that your new headphones will have to connect via the Lightning port or wirelessly via Bluetooth. And your old headphones? You’re probably going to have to pay $29 to get an adapter at the Apple store.

At first, the lack of a headphone jack may seem like a misguided, “user-hostile” move by Apple. But could Cupertino have a greater goal in getting rid of this audio technology that dates back to the 19th century? In this week’s episode of The iPhone Show, Oscar tries to decipher what Apple’s greater goal might be.

After all, this isn’t the first time that Apple has abruptly killed off antiquated tech, from the floppy drive to Adobe Flash. And in hindsight, Apple has always been lauded for its innovative efforts. Killing off the headphone jack may be inconvenient in the short term, but it could also be Apple’s way of (forcefully) fostering wireless innovation.

What do you think? Is Apple being innovative or downright stubborn? How will you survive without a headphone jack on the new iPhone 7? And will Apple’s decision push audio companies to make better wireless headphones? Let us know in the comments.

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