The Week in iOS Accessories: Torch Pro lets you answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world

This week's roundup includes a new device that lets you answer the front door—even if you're not at home.

  • Zmodo Torch Pro - Smart Door Light and Connected Doorbell

    MSRP $199.50
    on Amazon
  • Solar Panel Power Bank

    $80.99 MSRP $96.99
    on GadgetFlow
  • iWALK Scorpion Ultra Slim Power Bank with Built in Cables,...

    on Amazon
  • Kanex GoPower Watch, Apple Certified Portable Cordless...

    on Amazon
  • NuAns MAGFIT Foldable Mat with Cable Holder Khaki

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This week’s roundup includes a new device that lets you answer the front door—even if you’re not at home. Read on!



The Torch Pro ($199 MSRP, $198.67 on Amazon) is a camera system that connects your doorbell to your iPhone—the system lets you answer your door directly from your smartphone, allowing you to “see, hear, and speak to your visitors, even if you’re not at home.”



If you’re wanting to make a GoPro-style movie without the GoPro, Povie ($50 MSRP) might be an option: It’s a “wearable accessory” that lets you hang your iPhone from your neck so you can create hands-free video, and “live the moment in full without the camera getting in your way.”



The Solar Panel Power Bank ($97 MSRP, on sale for $81) is made for camping—with 14-watt solar cells that can power up your phone, camera, and other small electronics. It has two USB outputs, so you and your fellow campers won’t have to fight for power. 



The Scorpion Ultra Slim Power Bank ($51 MSRP, $30 on Amazon) is an 8,000-mAh portable battery with three built-in cables—a Lightning cable for iOS devices, a Micro USB for Androids, and standard USB for other electronics—that lets you charge multiple devices at once. 



The GoPower Watch ($99.95 MSRP, $77.37 on Amazon) is an Apple Certified magnetic charging dock—one with 4,000-mAh capacity that’s capable of charging your Apple Watch up to six times before it needs its own recharge. 



It looks like people are excited about Dot ($20 pledge for one)—this project has more than doubled its initial crowdfunding goal and still has three weeks to go. Basically, Dot acts as an electronic Post-It note. Walk into a room where a Dot has been posted and it connects to your phone by Bluetooth, automatically opening apps you’ll need or offering reminders of tasks to be accomplished. The device starts shipping in March 2017.

  • NuAns MAGFIT Foldable Mat with Cable Holder Khaki


The Magfit ($15 MSRP, same price on Amazon) is a foldable mat that has a cable holder—making it ideal for use as an iPhone stand, but also a clean place to sit your glasses, keys, and other non-electronic devices you always need to have nearby.



The Amp is billed as the “first theater-experience speaker case” for recent 9.7-inch versions of the iPad—it’s like an entire entertainment center built around your tablet. Flip down the stand, open up the case so there’s a speaker on each side, and you’re ready to go. No word on pricing yet—the company is taking emails so it can notify customers when production starts.

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