The first crop of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases you can buy

Have a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Here's a first look at protective cases.

  • Ace Pro Case with Unequal Technology for iPhone 7

    $34.95 MSRP $34.95
    on BodyGuardz
  • Cabrio for iPhone 7

    $199.00 MSRP $199.00
    on CalypsoCase
  • Wally Case for iPhone 7

    $49.99 MSRP $49.99
    on Distil Union
  • Leather Card Case for iPhone 7

    $34.95 MSRP $34.95
    on Dodocase
  • Splash44 for iPhone 7

    $54.95 MSRP $54.95
    on Dog & Bone
  • Mojo InVIIctus for iPhone 7

    $89.00 MSRP $89.00
    on iBattz
  • BALLISTIC iPhone 7 Jewel Essence Dancing Bubbles Rose Gold...

    $9.89 MSRP $29.99
    on Amazon
  • iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim...

  • CM4 iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case - Q Card Case for iPhone 7+...

    $19.99 MSRP $39.99
    on Amazon
  • iPhone 7 case, elago [Slim Fit 2][Black] -...

    on Amazon
  • Carnaby for the iPhone 7

    $39.89 MSRP $39.89
    on Gear4
  • iPhone 7 Case, i-Blason ArmorBox Daul Layer [Full body]...

    $19.99 MSRP $19.99
    on Amazon
  • iPhone 7 Case, POETIC Affinity Series Premium Thin/No...

    MSRP $19.95
    on Amazon
  • Stencil for iPhone 7

    $34.99 MSRP $34.99
    on Prodigee
  • iPhone 7 Case, Ringke [Onyx] [Resilient Strength] Flexible...

    $7.99 MSRP $25.00
    on Amazon
  • iPhone 7 Plus Case, SHIELDON Genuine iPhone 7 Plus Leather...

    MSRP $111.99
    on Amazon
  • Silk iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case - Vault Slim Wallet for...

    $14.99 MSRP $24.99
    on Amazon
  • iPhone 7 Case, Spigen [Rugged Armor] Resilient [Black] or...

    $10.99 MSRP $19.99
    on Amazon
  • Genuine Leather Diary Series for iPhone 7

    $69.99 MSRP $69.99
    on VRS Design
  • X-Doria Impact Protection Case for iPhone 7 (ImpactPro)...

  • Wallet Book for iPhone 7

    $63.95 MSRP $79.95
    on Sena
  • NuGuard KX for iPhone 7

    $49.99 MSRP $49.99
    on NewerTech
  • Armour for iPhone 7

    $39.95 MSRP $39.95
    on Moshi
  • Galactic Series Spigen Case for iPhone 7

    $32.99 MSRP $32.99
    on Slickwraps
  • iPhone 7 Plus Case, SHIELDON Genuine Leather iPhone 7 Plus...

    $29.99 MSRP $111.99
    on Amazon
  • Intrepid iPhone 7 Travel Wallet

    $99.00 MSRP $99.00
    on Waterfield Designs
  • Speck Products Presidio Inked Cell Phone Case for iPhone 7...

    $25.00 MSRP $44.95
    on Amazon
00 intro

iPhone 7 cases are here!

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now shipping, so if you bought a new phone, it’s time to consider some proper protection. And you’ll need a new case—the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have the same dimensions as the 6s and 6s Plus, but the new cameras on the iPhone 7 won’t fit the camera opening on most 6s cases. Here’s a first look at what’s already on the market.

bodyguardz acepro iphone


The Ace Pro (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $34.95 MSRP) is a TPU-based hard-shell case, reinforced with an impact-resistant gel to protect against damage from shock and drops.

Sleek and slim, the case features a transparent back, rounded edges, a soft bumper to protect the sides, and a protruding edge to keep your screen safe. The Ace Pro is available in smoke/black, clear/gray, pink/white or blue/white.

calypsocase cabrio iphone

Calypso Case

The Cabrio (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $199 MSRP) is a hand-crafted leather enclosure that compliments your iPhone 7’s design.

The case sports a decorative silver ring in the back, precisely-cut openings for your ports and buttons, and a soft-to-the-touch finish for comfortable carrying.

distilunion wally iphone

Distil Union

The Wally Case (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $50 MSRP) sports a streamlined layout with a hidden compartment for credit cards and cash.

This leather case comes with matching button covers to keep out dirt and dust, and a bumper with raised edges to prevent damage to your screen; it’s available in four solid color options—brown, black, gray, or red—and can be currently pre-ordered, with shipping expected to begin on November 21.

dodocase card iphone


The leather Leather Card Case (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $34.95 to $39.95 MSRP) has a built-in card holder in the back for a no-bulk wallet solution.

Available in chestnut or black, the case includes a soft rubber coating for a comfortable but secure grip, room for up to three credit cards, and unobstructed access to all of your iPhone’s ports and buttons. The Card Case can be customized with your own gold monogram for a personal touch.

dogandbone splash44 iphone

Dog & Bone

The Splash44 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $54.95 to $59.95 MSRP) offers military-grade protection with a splash-proof membrane that keeps your Home button, speakers, and Lightning port dry.

Certified to withstand drops from up to six feet high, this rugged case features a two-piece construction with a reinforced bumper, a tempered glass screen shield, and is available in four catchy colors: clear/orange, clear/black, clear/pink, or clear/purple.

exovault exo24 iphone


The EXO24 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $200 to $210 MSRP, on sale for $140 to $150) sports a smooth exterior reinforced at each end with an anodized aluminum siding.

The EXO24 sports wide openings for your microphone, camera, and connectors, includes four stainless steel screws for installation, and comes in combinations of different sturdy materials—black aluminum teak, nickel louro preto, nickel teak, brass louro preto, nickel black, brass black, brass teak, brass black diamond, or black aluminum. The EXO24 can also be engraved with an etching of your choosing for an additional charge.

ibattz mojo iphone


Currently available for pre-order, the Mojo InVIIctus (iPhone 7; $89 MSRP) is the first battery case we’ve seen for the iPhone 7, featuring a modular design that lets you easily swap batteries by removing the back panel.

ballistic jewel iphone


The Jewel (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $30 MSRP, $24.14 on Amazon) keeps your brand-new iPhone 7 stylishly protected with a clear rigid enclosure, available in different patterns.

The case features a special finish that makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket, and its slim design includes a beveled edge to keep your screen safe when placed face-down on a flat surface. The Jewel comes in a number of motifs and metallic colors for the perfect match.

caseology parallax iphone
  • iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Parallax Series] Modern Slim...


The Parallax (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $19 MSRP, $16 on Amazon) sports a geometric etching in the back for a cool look.

This dual-layered case offers a soft coating, includes matching button covers, and is built with a screen-saving bezel. It comes in burgundy, black/deep blue, black/gold, coral pink, mint green, or navy blue.

cm4 qcard iphone


The Q Card (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $40 MSRP, same on Amazon) keeps your credit cards and cash handy thanks to its embedded fabric storage compartment.

Available in black onyx, champagne gold, gunmetal gray, or rose gold, the Q Card features textured sides, a raised bezel that prevents cracks to your screen, and a credit card kickstand for hands-free use at two viewing angles.

elago slimfit2 iphone


The Slim Fit 2 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $20 MSRP, $10 on Amazon) features a one-piece design made from resilient polycarbonate.

This snap-on case includes a non-slip coating to ensure a firm grip, raised front edges for screen protection, and cut-outs for unhindered access to your iPhone’s buttons, Lightning connector, and camera. The Slim Fit 2 comes in black, champagne gold, crystal, extreme red, jean indigo, piano black, or rose gold.

gear4 carnaby iphone


The Carnaby (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $40 MSRP) sports an embedded perforated back panel and a scratch-resistant finish designed to withstand the wear and tear of an active lifestyle.

This slim case includes press-through button overlays that blend in with the reinforced TPU bumper, sports unobstructed access to all buttons, ports, and cameras, and comes in gold, rose gold, or silver for the iPhone 7, and in silver for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s available for pre-order beginning September 9.

iblason armorbox iphone


The ArmorBox (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $25 MSRP, $18 to $20 on Amazon) features a dual-layered enclosure that includes a built-in screen protector and cushioned corners.

Made of polycarbonate and TPU, this rugged case sports superior shock absorption, comes with port covers to prevent dust and dirt contamination, and includes a removable belt clip for hands-free carrying. The ArmorBox comes in black, blue, green, pink, or white.

poetic affinity iphone


The Affinity (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $12.95 MSRP, $4.95 on Amazon) is a modern-looking, see-through clear hardshell case.

The case includes a patterned bumper that increases protection from side and corner drops and improves your grip, and features a raised TPU backing designed to prevent scratches and dents. The Affinity is currently available for pre-order, with shipping expected to start on September 22; pick from a variety of colors like black, pink, clear, and blue.

prodigee stencil iphone


The Stencil (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $35 MSRP) combines a sturdy silicone enclosure with a catchy geometric pattern, available in rose, navy blue/gold, black, or teal/silver.

This dual-layered case’s tough inner core helps absorb and dissipate shocks, sports a smooth satin finish that makes it slide easily in and out of your pocket, and grants unfettered access to all of the iPhone’s ports and buttons.

ringke onyk iphone


The Onyx (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $11 MSRP, same price on Amazon) offers rugged protection in a slim package.

This lightweight case is made from a flexible TPU material with a textured exterior for better handling, includes dedicated openings for your camera, Lightning connector, and microphones, and sports press-through button overlays. The Onyx is available in black, midnight navy, or mist grey.

shieldon wallet iphone


The Wallet Flip (iPhone 7 Plus; $56 MSRP, $25 on Amazon) sports a gorgeous book design that combines a leather exterior with an interior hard shell.

The case incorporates three cards slots and a cash compartment, can be used as a stand in landscape orientation, and includes a magnetic closure for safe transportation. It’s available in black or brown.

silkinnovation vaultslimwallet iphone

Silk Innovation

The Vault Slim Wallet (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $15 MSRP, same price on Amazon) prevents dings and dents with a sturdy one-piece enclosure engineered to minimize shocks and bumps.

The case includes embedded storage for up to three credit cards and cash, a smooth, pocket-friendly finish, and press-through button covers. Available in black onyx, gunmetal gray, or purple orchid, the Vault Slim Wallet comes with a screen shield, and can be pre-ordered now, with shipping expected to begin on September 9.

spigen ruggedarmor iphone


The Rugged Armor (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $20 MSRP, $11 to $12 on Amazon) offers a flexible TPU shell, made with a single layer of material molded to perfectly fit around your iPhone 7.

Certified to meet military drop-test standards, the case sports a carbon fiber texture for a superior grip, a protruding bezel for screen safety, and tactile button covers.

vrsdesign diary iphone

VRS Design

Currently available for pre-order, the Diary (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $70 MSRP) features a functional folio design, with extra room for your credit cards and cash inside its cover.

Manufactured with real leather, the case offers unobstructed access to all your ports and buttons, as well as a precisely-cut camera opening in the back. It’s available in wine, brown, navy, and crocodile textured options of dark gold, satin blue, or plum red.

xdoria impactpro iphone
  • X-Doria Impact Protection Case for iPhone 7...


The Impact Pro (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $25 MSRP, $15 on Amazon) is a transparent hard-shell case with reinforced colored sides for advanced shock prevention.

This triple-layered case features a slim layout, and incorporates a protruding edge for extra screen protection. It comes in white, black, pink, or teal.

sena walletbook iphone


The Wallet Book (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $79.95 MSRP, on sale for $63.95) is a folio case with a leather cover that prevents scratches to your screen.

This rugged case features two credit card pockets, a photo ID window, a cash compartment, and a beveled edge. Available in cognac, black, denim, or praline, the Wallet Book doubles as a stand for hands-free use and can be personalized with a monogram of your choice for an additional fee.

newertech nuguardkx iphone


The NuGuard KX (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $30 to $34 MSRP) features a one-piece design with a textured exterior for a better grip.

The slim case sports smooth front edges, combines a soft interior with a hard exterior for impact protection, and comes in black, crimson, or midnight.

moshi armour iphone


The Armour (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $39.95 to $44.95 MSRP) sports an aluminum back plate with a metallic finish and a shock-absorbent interior. 

The case meets military drop-test standards, includes a raised bezel to protect your screen, and comes with matching button covers. The Armour is available in golden rose, satin gold, gunmetal gray, or onyx back.

slickwraps galactic iphone


In collaboration with Spigen, the new Galactic Series (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $33 MSRP) lets you pick one of four Star Wars-inspired HD prints and have it engraved on the back of a sturdy transparent shell. 

The case sports a TPU bumper to protect against side and corner drops, raised edges for extra screen protection, and press-through button overlays.

shieldon slimwallet iphone


The leather Slim Wallet (iPhone 7 Plus; $56 MSRP, $25 on Amazon) offers all-around protection and comes with plenty of room for cash and credit cards.

The folio case includes a magnetic lock to secure its cover, supports hands-free viewing in landscape orientation, and sports precisely-cut openings for your iPhone’s Lightning port, camera, and buttons. The Slim Wallet is available in brown or black.

waterfielddesign intrepid iphone

Waterfield Designs

The Intrepid (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $99 MSRP) is a versatile sleeve with a touchscreen-compatible clear window and plenty of room for all your essentials. 

The Intrepid, which will start shipping in late November, features a main zippered compartment for a passport, a few bills, and credit card, a dedicated case for your iPhone 7, and a micro wallet for coins and your Bluetooth AirPods.

speck presidioinked iphone


The Presidio Inked (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $44.55 MSRP, same price on Amazon) serves up  colorful patterns and trendy motifs for your iPhone 7.

Tested to withstand drops from up to 10 feet, the dual-layer case includes ridges inside its perimeter to absorb and dissipate impact, press-through button overlays, and a raised rim around the camera opening to keep the lens safe.

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