The Week in Mac Apps: Get your hard drive ready for macOS Sierra with Disk Clean Pro

With one week to go before Sierra launches, your Mac might need some fine tuning. Clean Disk Pro can help.

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New Mac apps of the week

With one week to go before Sierra launches, your Mac might need some fine tuning. Clean Disk Pro can help. Read on!


Acorn 5 - The Image Editor for Humans 5.5.1

Use Flying Meat’s $15 Acorn 5 (Mac App Store Link) to make your photos stand out by adding special effects and custom edits.

The ever-popular app allows you to manipulate multiple layers, add formatted text, and export your work to a variety of formats that makes sharing it with friends and family a cinch. It comes with a complete suite of editing tools and filters for every need.


Chrono Sync

Econ Technologies’ $50 Chrono Sync offers an all-in-one solution to back up, synchronize, and recover your files across multiple devices to help prevent data loss caused by hardware failures.

The app keeps your documents up to date by identifying changes and detecting conflicts between different versions of each file; it can back data up both locally and across the network, and allows you to create a bootable disk to restart your Mac on a brand-new hard drive if your old one fails.



Eltima Software’s $30 CloudMounter allows you to access all of your cloud storage accounts from one place.

The app supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and WebDAV, and places the files stored in each service into a single window, from where you can access and manage them as if they were stored on your local hard disk. CloudMounter also integrates with FTP servers, and stores all settings and passwords in Keychain for extra security.


Disk Clean Pro 1.8.0

Get your Mac up to speed just in time for macOS Sierra (which launches on September 20) with Systweak Software’s $1 Disk Clean Pro (Mac App Store Link), an app that maximizes your storage and optimizes your system for better performance.

Disk Clean Pro offers a simple and intuitive interface, from which you can order a full scan of your machine, and then pick among different optimizations, like freeing up space by deleting old files and programs, removing duplicate data, and so on.


Final Draft 10 10.0.0

Cast & Crew Production Software’s $200 Final Draft 10 (Mac App Store Link) is designed to help playwrights create professional-grade screenplays and scripts.

Users can fine tune screenplays to add full dialogue, catchy titles, scene numbers, and more. Final Draft 10 supports macOS’s dictation feature for hands-free writing, and comes with a handy revision mode that lets you make changes and save them for later review.


Flock - Chat for teams and businesses 1.6.18

Riva’s Flock (Mac App Store Link) is a chat tool to help you communicate with friends and colleagues.

The app lets you quickly send group messages, initiate a video call with full support for screen sharing, and even upload your photos and files to Twitter, Trello, Hubot, GitHub, and many more services. You can also use it to exchange documents.


Fuel 3D Studio

The updated Fuel 3D Technologies’ 3D Studio allows you to fully manipulate and modify your 3D models captured with the company’s Scanify handheld scanner.

The software provides accurate realistic measurements of your models, lets you save your data in 3D PDF format for easy sharing, and allows you to process scanned files either locally or over the Internet with a dedicated cloud service.


XCOM 2 1.2.1

Take-Two Interactive Software’s $50 XCOM 2 (Mac App Store Link) now sports three new mission packs that bring you new challenges as you fight for the survival of the human race.

This fast-paced game puts you in charge of the last specialized military team on the planet—and a whole lot of military-grade weapons and gear—with the sole mission of eliminating an alien threat that has enslaved humanity. In the three new adventures included in the latest release, you can follow an intriguing storyline and use new power ups to customize your characters for the final showdown.


Yahoo Messenger

The improved Yahoo Messenger adds new features and better connectivity to make sure your posts are safe even when Internet is not working.

The app lets you upload high-resolution photos and animated GIFs, allows you to edit and delete messages—even if you have already sent them—and lets you show your friends and family your appreciation by liking their messages with a simple click.

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