The Week in Mac Apps: Restore your iPhone hassle-free with iMazing 2

This week's roundup of new Mac apps is full of new goodies for macOS Sierra—including iMazing 2, a Mac app for backing up your iOS devices.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps is full of new goodies for macOS Sierra—including iMazing 2, a Mac app for backing up your iOS devices. Plus, two apps to handle Twitter video uploads, and more. Read on!


BBEdit 11.6.2

There’s a new update out for Bare Bones Software’s venerable BBEdit, one of our favorite text editors.

Among the changes, the $50 text and HTML editor now automatically names stationery files based on the language associated with them, improves compatibility with SFTP servers, and allows you to search over large file sets by eliminating restrictions over the number of possible results.


Gemini 2: The Duplicate Finder 2.2.2

MacPaw’s $20 Gemini 2 (Mac App Store Link) helps you free up space on your hard drive by identifying, listing, and removing duplicate files.

After a full scan of your computer, Gemini 2 displays its results in an intuitive view, from where you can review all the duplicate files it finds and erase them securely, with the option of recovering them from the Trash if you make a mistake.


iMazing 2

DigiDNA’s $40 iMazing 2 gives you the tools you need to successfully manage and backup all the data stored on your iPhone or iPad—right from your desktop.

The app can connect to your devices wirelessly or via USB, and save a local copy of your mobile files, music, photos, apps, contacts, and entire iMessage conversations. iMazing 2 can also selectively restore your data back to an iOS device following a set of simple step-by-step instructions.


LightTable 3.0.1

Einstein’s Legacy’s $20 LightTable (Mac App Store Link) lets you create beautiful collages from your photos and pictures.

The app comes with a generous selection of filters and special effects, allows you to tweak individual pictures, and can arrange your photos using a variety of layouts, which you can design yourself or pick from one of the app’s templates. Once you’re happy with the end result, it makes quick work of sharing your work with friends and family by uploading it to Twitter or Facebook, or even sending it via email.


Live Home 3D

If you are planning a home renovation project, Belight’s $30 Live Home 3D helps you visualize your ideas with an effective 3D modeling solution.

The app allows you to start by laying down the floor plan, to which you can then add items like furniture, flooring, and carpets rendered in a variety of materials and finishes. At any time during this process, you can switch to a realtime 3D view of the space you’re designing to experience your choices first hand and evaluate how things look before you go through the expense of building them.



SpriTec Software’s $10 SuperTab enhances your Mac’s App Switcher with a series of exciting new functions.

Once SuperTab is up and running, pressing Command-Tab allows you to access Dock items, recent documents, third-party services like DropBox, and more—in addition, of course, to the list of open apps. The switcher is fully customizable, and can even be set up to work with your mouse or voice commands.


TidyUp 4

Keep your Mac running smoothly with Hyperbolic’s $30 TidyUp 4 a handy utility that helps you identify redundant data that’s taking up space on your hard disk and dispose of it securely and with ease.

The app allows to perform custom scans based on specific criteria—for example, limited to a particular folder or file type—and then proceeds to organize its findings in a smart interface, where you can quickly sort them, examine their content, and trash those you don’t want to keep.


Tweetbot for Twitter 2.4.3

The latest release of Tapbots’s $10 Tweetbot (Mac App Store Link) is out, with support for video uploads and full integration with macOS Sierra’s latest features.

The popular client is compatible with Twitter’s new longer tweets, and it can open direct messages and mentions in separate windows. It also automatically syncs your timeline with your mobile device through its companion iOS app.



Artic Whiteness’ $3 VideoTweet makes publishing your videos to Twitter a breeze.

After opening your file with the app, you can quickly select the segment you wish to post, add your message, and upload it directly to your account, making the whole thing immediately visible in your timeline—any simpler, and the folks at Arctic Whiteness would have to shoot the videos for you!

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