The Week in Mac Apps: Bring your photos to the next level with Macphun's Aurora HDR

This week's roundup of Mac apps includes Macphun's latest version of Aurora HDR, an incredible photo editor.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of Mac apps includes Macphun’s latest version of Aurora HDR, an incredible photo editor. You’ll also find tools to organize your Final Cut Pro library, make eye-catching websites, customize your hot keys combinations, and much more. Read on!


Adobe Experience Design CC

Adobe’s Experience Design CC is a must-have for graphic designers, thanks to its advanced set of tools that requires little knowledge of programming.

Experience Design allows you to brainstorm your ideas from wireframe to completed page layouts, and you can change things around until you’re happy with the end result. Once your webpage prototype is ready, you can share it with your team and even preview an interactive mobile version on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to make sure it looks just right.


AnyTrans 5

iMobie’s $40 AnyTrans gives you control over the data stored in iCloud and on your iOS devices, directly from the convenience of your Mac.

With AnyTrans 5, you can quickly sync up your songs, photos, and videos to and from your iPhone and iPad, as well as control the data that’s stored in your iCloud account, all without having to use any of Apple’s own tools.


Aurora HDR 2017

Macphun’s $98 Aurora HDR turns everyday photos into gorgeous works of art through a comprehensive set of High Dynamic Range filters and tools.

The app is designed to enhance the shadow details hidden in a picture even if your camera doesn’t have a dedicated HDR mode, and allows you to fine tune parameters like noise reduction and luminosity to always get the best result for any subject.


Bix 1.3.1

With Einstein’s Legacy’s $20 Bix (Mac App Store Link), you can easily create playlists of all your videos, and then stream them over multiple screens.

Bix comes with a simple video editor that allows you to adjust the length of your clips and rearrange them in the way you want, and can play your content over separate monitors connected directly to your Mac, or to an Apple TV via AirPlay.


CleanMyMac 3

MacPaw’s $54 CleanMyMac 3 keeps your computer running smoothly with routine system checks designed to make sure you never run out of room for your data.

The app starts by performing a quick scan of your computer to identify everything you have installed, and then automatically removes unused programs, extensions, widgets, and even old email to free up valuable disk space.


Disk Cartography - clever disk space analyzer 1.3

Clean up storage clutter in seconds with 508 Software’s $6 Disk Cartography (Mac App Store Link) and its high-performance mapping solution that quickly singles out space-hungry files.

After scanning your hard drive, the app creates a visual representation of your hard disk, where you can easily spot the worst space offenders and decide whether to delete or keep them. Disk Cartography can also scan external devices like USB keys, memory cards, and network drives to help you save every last byte of space.


Droplr 4.6.3

Droplr (Mac App Store Link) lets you share movies, photos, and files almost instantly.

Every time you drag and drop a file on its menu icon, the app uploads it to the company’s own cloud storage, and creates a unique link that you can share with friends or colleagues. Droplr also comes with a handy dashboard, where you can manage all your saved items and decide what you want to keep.


Final Cut Library Manager 3

Arctic Whiteness’ Final Cut Library Manager helps you manage all your Final Cut Pro libraries from a single convenient place.

With full support for Spotlight search, the app provides you with detailed information on all your media and lets you organize your content any way you want, including moving it to a different location, deleting old projects, and even identifying corrupt files. You can also add comments for later reference, and group libraries together based on pre-set rules.


Keyboard Maestro

Stairways Software’s $36 Keyboard Maestro turns everyday keyboard shortcuts into veritable powerhouses of functionality that you can use to automate all kinds of tasks.

The app lets you set up key-triggered macros that can perform actions like inserting text, launching applications, and controlling iTunes—just to name a few. Keyboard Maestro organizes all your shortcuts in a convenient window, keeping a neat overview of everything the app can do for you at the ready. 

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