The Week in iOS Apps: That Dragon, Cancer

An iOS game takes players on a four-year journey into the heart of illness.

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A game that will make you cry

An iOS game takes players on a four-year journey into the heart of illness.


That Dragon, Cancer

This might be the only game we’ve seen that makes us want to cry, just by reading the premise. That Dragon, Cancer ($5) is a game—yes—that takes you on Joel Green’s four-year fight against the disease. The makers say, “Using a mix of first-person and third-person perspective, and simple point-and-click interaction, we invite the player to slow down, look around, and immerse themselves in this deeply personal memoir.” The title debuted for the Mac earlier this year. 



Chartistic (free, iPhone only) lets you create and edit interactive bar charts, line charts, area charts, and pie charts for use in presentations, both in the boardroom and the classroom. Once you’ve created the chart, you can export it for use in emails, documents, spreadsheets, and social media.


CNN MoneyStream

CNN MoneyStream (free) is a new business news app from the godfather of cable news, a replacement for the former CNNMoney Business and Finance News app. The app lets you personalize your news by following streams devoted to top companies, business leaders, the economy, and markets. Data on on more than 13,000 companies and 5,400 indexes is always just a tap away. 


Discover Music

Discover Music ($3) helps your kids begin to discover and understand music, featuring short animated stories about instruments, notes, and audio samples. Children can also work within the app, by playing piano or percussion instruments.


Events from Facebook

If your social calendar in increasingly built through social media, Events from Facebook (free, iPhone only) is here to help: “See the latest events activity, discover new things to do with friends and quickly get to event info.” The app works with Facebook, so you can quickly and easily incorporate your friends into your plans.


FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer (freemium) lets you play “football” with more than 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17,000 players, all taken from real life. You can even build your own team with a goooooooooooal of creating a champion.



By now you’re exceedingly familiar with Pandora (free), one of the original “online radio” apps. It now offers two new features—the chance to subscribe to “Pandora Plus” with unlimited skips, the ability to replay favorite songs, and an offline listening feature. 



First noticed by our friends at Gizmodo, Stash is the newest “read it later” app—like Pocket or Instapaper—but with a bit of a twist: It organizes your saved links into categories (article, book, file, forum, image, job, movie, etc.)—so when you do read it later, you can find it more easily. But the app isn’t completely ready for prime time yet: Sign up here to join the waitlist to get access. 


Others of note

Instagram (pictured) now makes it easier to see when somebody you follow has “liked” a post …  Dropbox has updated with an iMessage app … Amazon Music now offers a Spotify-style full streaming music service.

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