The Week in Mac Apps: Bring your note-taking skills to the next level with NotePlan

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes NotePlan, a Markdown-based note-taking app with a suite of helpful features.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes NotePlan, a Markdown-based note-taking app with a suite of helpful features. Read on!


Affinity Designer 1.5.1

Serif’s $40 Affinity Designer (Mac App Store Link) is a suite of professional design tools, working primarily with vector graphics. It offers a full complement of editing tools that include a way to freehand and create geometric shapes, gradients, effects, and text. It’s compatible with numerous formats and color models used by professionals, meaning you can pair it with popular software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Audulus 3 3.3.1

Modular’s $50 Audulus 3 (Mac App Store Link) brings out the DJ in you, letting you mix and manipulate sounds like a pro.

The app comes with a dedicated interface for your MIDI devices, provides a number of built-in modules for sound effects, and supports custom presets to improve your workflow.


GoodTask 3 3.1.1

Never forget an appointment again with Haha Interactive’s $20 GoodTask 3 (Mac App Store Link), a handy app that helps you organize all your daily tasks and reminders.

GoodTask lets you easily add and edit events, and create smart lists to group and filter all your tasks according to your preferences. You can also sync it with iCal and Reminders, so that you can keep all your appointments in one place.


Kuuvik Capture 2.5

DIRE Studio’s $80 Kuuvik Capture (Mac App Store Link) is a full-resolution photo editor. It comes with a large selection of filters and effects, and offers real-time previews to help you tweak things until you’re happy with your work.


Market Junkie 2.0

Dev.LUX’s Market Junkie (Mac App Store Link) turns you into a financial wiz with a full management solution for your stock portfolio.

With its intuitive charts and detailed price analysis, the app lets you keep an eye on all your current investments and monitor market trends for future opportunities. Market Junkie also offers an optional currency converter tool and custom alerts for real time notifications on your stock’s latest market value.



NotePlan ($18) is a Markdown-based note-taking app, helping you keep tabs on everything from your business activities to your favorite hobbies.

NotePlan comes with an integrated calendar that gives you a bird’s-eye view over your work, and lets you organize your notes according to a number of customizable criteria. You can also use the app to track your tasks and activities, which can be synchronized with iCal and Reminders.


Quicken 2017

In addition to its ever-popular array of financial tools, the latest version of Intuit’s $75 Quicken comes with powerful new features designed to help you make the most of your affairs.

Quicken 2017 can quickly visualize your spending habits, monitor your investments, and calculate capital gains to estimate your tax exposure. It can also import all your bank transactions and handle your bill payments if you link up your online banking accounts. It also comes with a handy companion app for your iOS device.


Timing Automatic Time Tracker 1.7.4

Daniel Alm’s $39 Timing (Mac App Store Link) spends most of its time sitting quietly in the background, where it monitors the time you spend working with different apps.

At any time, you can ask the app to pull a report of your activities, and organize each record into categories that match your needs—a perfect tool if you depend on billing clients for your time, or even if you’re just wondering where your day went.

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