The Week in iOS Apps: "Crap, I'm Broke" hits close to home

This week's roundup includes a game that helps you experience the fun of living on the edge of economic calamity. Fun, right?

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Darn! I'm out of money!

This week’s roundup includes a game that helps you experience the fun of living on the edge of economic calamity. Fun, right? Read on.


Crap! I'm Broke

Here’s a game that might be a little too on-the-nose for some of us: Crap! I’m Broke ($2) is a “hectic life management game”—think a cubist version of The Sims, maybe—in which you do odd jobs in order to keep starvation at bay. But it’s not all drudge work: You can be a “Good Samaritan” and collect karma points.


Fiery Feeds

Remember RSS? Google Reader has been gone awhile now, but there are still apps for people who like to get their news the newly old-fashioned way. The newest, Fiery Feeds (freemium) syncs with Feedly, Feedbin, Minimal Reader, Feed Wrangler, Fever, Feedja, NewsBlur, AOL Reader, Tiny Tiny RSS, Inoreader, and The Old Reader. If you subscribe to the premium version of the app ($2 every six months) you can unlock several cool features, including the ability to display the full text of articles onscreen—even for RSS feeds that don’t include the full text.



Flud. ($2) is an iOS puzzle game with one basic aim: Turn the whole screen one solid color. That’s harder to do than it sounds, however: There are 70 levels in which you much “flood” cells with color, directing the action with your touch.


Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle—the show spun off from Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” gimmick—is now available in freemium app form for iPhone and iPad. Choose your favorite songs, add SnapChat-style masks if you like, then lip sync to the music. You can add effects and filters afterward, then share with your friends.


Pennies Mini

Pennies Mini (free) is the new iMessage version of the popular Pennies app—you can create budgets, share them quickly with your family and friends, then use the apps to track your spending (and remaining resources) as the night goes on.



Polarr (freemium) has updated its photo-editing app with new features, including the ability to manually select a face when none is automatically detected, new tools for face reshaping and contouring, and “smart skin intelligence” for skin smoothing and toning beyond a person’s face.


Shadow Bug

Shadow Bug ($4) looks a lot like one of the most beautiful iOS games ever made, Badland. In the new game, you’re a ninja hero on a mission to save your home forest by slicing evil monsters to pieces.


Serial Box Publishing

Charles Dickens’ novels got their start as chapter-by-chapter serials published in UK newspapers. Serial Box Publishing (freemium) tries to revive that form of storytelling with 13-part stories. Each part publishes weekly and takes between 40 minutes and an hour to read. The selection is limited so far, but it ranges from historical fiction to teen-style dystopian sci-fi.


Others of note

Shazam now has an iMessage app to share music info … Television Time helps you schedule your viewing … Economist Films features documentary shorts about business, technology, and culture.

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