Comments 2.0: Social networks are your new venue to engage with us

IDG's websites are moving to social networks for reader engagement, instead of traditional commenting systems

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At IDG, we’ve always valued and welcomed feedback from our readers, and that’s something that will never change. What is changing, however, is one facet of how we get your feedback.

We’re no longer taking comments on our websites —including,,,,,,,,, and Instead, we’re encouraging readers to interact with us on our social media outlets, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

This change was made for a couple of important reasons. First, more and more of you are already communicating with us, and with one another, via social media, where our editors and reporters are posting content and interacting with readers throughout the day.

Second, while we’ve always valued comments, we’ve also had to deal with the reality of managing spam and policing inappropriate comments—comments that don’t reflect the professional nature of our audiences and diminish the value of community interaction. Moving the discussion to social media obviates those issues.

Going forward, you’ll find links in each story that let you share and comment on our content in a variety of social media outlets. In some cases, we’ll also direct you to topic-specific discussion groups—on issues such as H-1B visas, Apple news, and other topics where readers engage in vibrant conversations—within those social media forums.

We hope you appreciate and approve of this change. If you want to share any thoughts with me, you can reach me at

Thanks for your continued support.

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