The Week in Mac Accessories: New products for USB-C

This week's roundup features several new products that help you get the most out of your MacBook's USB-C port.

  • Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter (Silver)

  • Booq Pack Pro Backpack, Black-Nylon

  • Slim Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

    $39.99 MSRP $59.99
    on Dude I Want That
  • iLoud Micro Monitor

  • Satechi Slim Rechargeable Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless...

  • D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock

    $295.00 MSRP $295.00
    on Svalt
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See? USB-C.

This week’s roundup features several new products that help you get the most out of your MacBook’s USB-C port. Read on!

thunder c


The Thunder-C cable integrates USB-A and USB-C into one cable—while new MacBooks use USB-C and MacBook Pros use Thunderbolt 3 (which is compatible with USB-C), you’ll now be prepared to charge your phone no matter what kind of computer is nearby. There is a month left in this product’s crowdfunding campaign.

moshi usb c multi
  • Moshi USB-C Multiport Adapter (Silver)


Two new products from this company: The USB-C Multiport Adapter ($79.95 MSRP, same price on Amazon) lets you connect up to three peripherals to your laptop’s USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port;  the USB-C Charge Cable ($34.95 MSRP) has a reversible USB-C connector at both ends, supporting up to 60 W of power output and USB 2 data transfer speeds.

  • Booq Pack Pro Backpack, Black-Nylon


The Booq Pack Pro Backpack ($295 MSRP, same price on Amazon) is 85 percent nylon, 15 percent leather, and entirely made for owners of Mac laptops up to 15 inches in size. It has a lightweight rigid frame and padded compartments to protect gear without making the bag too heavy. And a bonus: It includes pockets for water bottles and umbrellas.



The Slim Universal Bluetooth Keyboard ($60 MSRP, on sale for $40) is a Bluetooth-enabled portable keyboard with a wooden surface. It lasts up to one week on a single charge, is spill-proof, and (as the name indicates) is very slim, measuring just 5mm thick.



This company has unveiled a line of Thunderbolt 3 storage solutions, including the Bolt3 ($1,999 MSRP), as well as the 6big Thunderbolt 3 and 12big Thunderbolt 3 (starting at $3,199 MSRP and $6,399 MSRP, respectively). All are built for demanding video production environments—the Bolt3 features transfer speeds of 2,800 MBS; the 12big and 6big—which handle bigger workflows—feature speeds of 2,600MBS and 1,400MBS, respectively.

  • iLoud Micro Monitor

IK Multimedia

The iLoud Micro Monitor ($300 MSRP, same price on Amazon) is the latest in this company’s lineup of Apple-friendly products for musicians. The system consists of “two extremely portable, high-performance bi-amped speakers that delivers a combined 50W RMS of power for solid bass,” making sure you get the best product while editing and mixing audio.

  • Satechi Slim Rechargeable Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless...


They Slim Wireless Keypad ($40 MSRP, same price on Amazon) connects to your computer via Bluetooth, can be charged in under two hours, and can be operated for up to a week on that single charge. It comes in three colors: gold, silver, and space gray.



The D2 High-Performance Cooling Dock ($295 MSRP) transforms your Mac laptop into a desktop workstation that resists overheating thanks to a high-power fan—with speeds up to 3,600 RPM—keeping things cool.

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