Rusty old saw: Market share still still unimportant


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When the only tool you have is market share, every problem looks like it’s Apple’s.

Writing for 24/7 Wall Street, Douglas A. McIntyre says “Android Market Share Pummels Apple.”

Have you ever been pummeled with cash? It’s awesome.

“Apple iPhone Grabs 104% Of Smartphone Industry Profit In Q3.”

Before you yell “104 PERCENT IS NOT POSSIBLE!” try to remember that the Macalope can’t actually hear you and you look pretty weird yelling at your laptop in that Starbucks. But, more importantly, 104 percent actually is possible because every Android maker other than Samsung lost money selling smartphones. Samsung walked away with a whopping 0.9 percent of profits. The Macalope’s gonna go ahead and guess that’s probably not going to improve in the fourth quarter. Because of all the Notes asploding.

The Macalope thought about just dumping a link to that piece in after every quote from McIntyre he was going to pull but Macworld probably expects him to do at least a little work, even if that’s really the only response that’s needed.

The global market share of Alphabet Inc.’s Android rose to 88% last quarter, further cornering Apple Inc.’s iOS.

When the rest of the room is on fire, being in the corner where the soak tub is is a good thing.

Some fun perspective on McIntyre: 10 years ago he predicted that Windows Vista would spark PC sales and create trouble for the Mac (that didn’t happen) and seven years ago he said the Apple board was paid to do nothing because Steve Jobs did everything. So, this may just be a thing with him.

Sales of the iPhone 7 are Apple’s only way out of the dilemma, and its numbers are not growing briskly enough to solve the problem.

Apple may have a sales problem, but it has nothing to do with market share because no one cares about market share. The Macalope’s not sure how many times he has to say that, apparently a lot, but allow him to be perfectly clear on this one point:

No one cares about market share.

Oh, and Apple took 104 percent of the profit in the market.

One of Apple’s major disadvantages, which is not going to change, is that it will not license iOS to other manufacturers.

Licensing operating systems is such a tremendous advantage that both Microsoft and Google are now making their own hardware because it turns out having hundreds of crap factories churning out garbage that your name appears on isn’t actually an advantage if you want to make any money.

It is stuck on its own island as the water rises.

Are you sure you want to go with that analogy? Because while Apple may be on its own island, it sticks up out of the water 104 feet while Android’s is already under water.

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