The Week in Mac Apps: Meet Bear, the note-taking app of the future

This week's roundup of new Mac apps includes Bear, a Markdown-based app for taking notes.

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New Mac apps of the week

This week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes Bear, a Markdown-based app for taking notes. Plus, apps to help you stay on top of your finances, enhance your writing, protect your privacy, and more. Read on!


Accountee - Cheque Manager 1.0

InspiringLife’s $30 Accountee (Mac App Store Link) is a no-frills financial tool that makes quick work of keeping tack of your spending habits and revenue flow.

The app allows you to quickly add your banking accounts, set up payees, record all the checks you cut, and even perform detailed searches to find specific transactions. Accountee syncs its data across multiple devices over iCloud, so your data gets backed up as well.


Bear - beautiful writing app for notes and prose 1.0

Shiny Frog’s Bear (Mac App Store Link) is an all-in-one note taking solution designed to help you stay organized and stay on top of all your important tasks.

Its sleek and flexible interface lets you quickly create documents of all kinds, supports Markdown, automatically keeps track of your word count, lets you export your content to a variety of formats, and syncs your data across all of your devices.


Brigador 1.0.0

Get your adrenaline fix with Stellar Jockeys’ $20 Brigador (Mac App Store Link), a fast-paced game in which you pilot powerful mechas through interactive environments full of obstacles and wicked enemies.

Once you’ve chosen your character, a vehicle, and a weapon from 40-plus different options, you get to embark onto a story-driven campaign with 21 levels and enough mayhem to last a lifetime.



Use Lesspain Software’s $159 Kyno to access all your videos, whether they’re stored on your hard drive or on your camera’ SD card.

Once opened, the app lets you play your movies straight from the source, edit them at will with the option of creating smaller clips from the original file, and export them in a variety of formats. You can also edit them further using other programs, like Final Cut Pro.


Little Flocker

Little Flocker ($10) adds an extra layer of security to your Mac by preventing malicious software from being installed, which could compromise your personal information.

The app sits quietly in the background, where it monitors your system and notifies you immediately of any unauthorized access. Little Flocker also comes with a set of additional tools designed to help you protect your privacy by, for example, preventing Spotlight from collecting metadata about your activity, and keeping your iOS backups safe from prying eyes.


New File Menu 1.1

Ever found yourself editing a new file, only to realize that you forgot where you wanted to store it by the time you’re ready to save it?’s $2 New File Menu lets you flip the traditional editing process around by allowing you to create an empty file of any kind directly from within the Finder, and then edit it from the app of your choice. It comes with support for more than 30 formats that range from office applications to programming languages, and can even work with your own custom templates.


Nisus Writer Pro

Nisus Software’s $79 Nisus Writer Pro is a flexible word processor with a simple interface and numerous features designed to give you professional results.

The app can change tracking, has customizable tables, supports comments, and has drawing tools and floating text boxes—everything you need to create your next report, memo, or proposal.


Scanning Slideshow 1.0.1

Chris Paveglio’s $10 Scanning Slideshow helps you create stunning photo slideshows that can be edited and tweaked in real time.

As you drag and drop pictures onto the tool, the app automatically organizes them into a slideshow, and gives you the option of picking different display resolution and transition effects for playback.


Unibox 1.6.2

Eightloops’ $16 Unibox (Mac App Store Link) organizes all your mailboxes and emails in one convenient place.

Compatible with IMAP providers like Gmail and iCloud, Unibox groups together messages related to a common topic, offers previews of your attachments, and even lets you set up alternate identities within the same account to send emails using multiple aliases.

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