Head hunter: Tim Cook must go!

Apple is still extremely successful so the CEO should step down. Makes sense.


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Apple may be a huge company with billions in profit and revenue but the one thing we all know is that Tim Cook is a terrible CEO who should step down immediately.

“Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis rant on MacBook Pro calls Tim Cook ‘boring, visionless and incompetent.’”

Boring is subjective. But does Calacanis have room to criticize anyone over being visionless or incompetent? Here are some of his predictions:

In October of 2008, Calacanis said Apple would release networked HDTVs. Looking around, the Macalope would say that did not happen. In January of 2010 he tweeted what he said were the full details on the yet-to-be-released iPad. Shortly thereafter he declared it a “prank,” confirming he’s about as good at comedy as predictions. And, 21 months ago in February of 2015, he said Apple would buy Tesla in about 18 months.

So, to answer the question above, no, he does not have the room.

In criticising both the loss of the ports from the MacBook Pro and headphone socket from the iPhone 7, he said that Apple CEO Tim Cook was “boring, visionless and incompetent” and called for him to leave the company.

Keeping ports is exciting, vision-making and competent. Ditching them is the opposite.

The discussion began reasonably enough…

But ended with a pack of howler monkeys taking over the studio and flinging about things best left unflung, while Calacanis engaged in a “Yo mama” fight with a 4-year-old orphan whose only retort was to continually sob “My mother is dead!” as Leo Laporte struggled to regain order.

OK, only some of that happened.

Calacanis: ”If you put the person in charge of logistics in charge of Apple, the ships and the trains and everything’s going to run on time, but the product is going to suffer…”

Tim Cook is bland and visionless but, eh, at the same time he’s also Benito Mussolini. No, this isn’t a wild, rant from someone who’s been making nonsensical arguments against Apple for years. Whatever gave you that idea?

“Getting rid of the headphone jack, and forcing people to make a decision if they want to charge their phone or make a phone call, is incompetence…”

Suggesting that good products do not force people to make decisions is how you keep floppy drives and VGA ports forever.

But forget about that. ENGAGE FULL RAGE-O-TRON!

“And to take the MagSafe connector … to take this innovation that they’re known for and throw it away, and put four USB-Cs and take away another loved feature, the HDMI that plugs right in, knowing that people were in the video business and developers love that, it reeks of some level of incompetence that can only happen when you put someone as boring and visionless as Tim Cook in charge of a company with a legacy and a passionate user-base like Apple.”

Never mind that you can now power the MacBook Pro from any port. Never mind the portability improvement of a lighter professional laptop. HANG ON TO THOSE LEGACY PORTS FOR DEAR LIFE!

Calacanis went on to compare his view of Cook with Steve Jobs, seemingly forgetting that Steve hand-picked his successor.

Still, it’s true that Calacanis always had nothing but nice things to say about Jobs.

Steve Jobs is on the cusp of devolving from the visionary radical we all love to a sad, old hypocrite and control freak–a sellout of epic proportions.

Well. OK. Not that.

“We have to talk about when is Tim Cook getting out of that chair? Because he is killing this company.”


“Apple Has Received More Online Orders for New MacBook Pro Than Any Previous Generation”

This started on a comment by LaPorte about Apple dropping the price of adapters. Which, the Macalope agrees, they should have done when the new MacBook Pro was announced. It’s a port transition period, you should make it easy for your customers.

It’s true Apple isn’t doing as well as it was a few years ago, but it’s still doing remarkably well. As as for whose bets on the future are better, Tim Cook’s or Calacanis’s…

Let’s just say the Macalope will stick with Cook’s.

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