The Week in Mac Apps: Touch Bar-ready apps for your new MacBook Pro

With the new MacBook Pros now at an Apple store near you, this week’s roundup of Mac apps brings you plenty of Touch Bar-compatible releases, for everything from security to utilities.

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New Mac apps of the week

With the new MacBook Pros now at an Apple store near you, this week’s roundup of Mac apps brings you plenty of Touch Bar-compatible releases, for everything from security to utilities. Read on!


1Password - Password Manager and Secure Wallet 6.5

The latest update to AgileBits’ $65 1Password (Mac App Store Link) makes it compatible with your new MacBook’s Touch Bar and Touch ID. You can now unlock this password manager using your fingerprints on any device with a Touch ID button, and features a revamped set-up process that helps you create a vault from scratch with ease.


AccuRaw 2.5.2

When your photos look shabby and off-tone, Alexander McGuffog’s $80 AccuRaw (Mac App Store Link) helps you breathe new life into them with its in-depth color adjustment tools.

AccuRaw works directly with the RAW files from your camera, and lets you tweak individual areas of your photos without affecting their surroundings. The app is also fully compatible with the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, where you can manipulate photo filters.


Gestimer 1.1.6

Martin Nguyen’s $4 Gestimer (Mac App Store Link) helps you create and manage timers right from the menu bar.

The app lets you create a new task by simply dragging its menu icon down; the farther away you drag, the longer the time you allocate for the task. You can then add an optional description, and Gerstimer takes care of the rest, displaying a handy countdown and notifying you when your timer is up.


GoNNER 1.0.0

Take a break from your busy day with MacPlay’s $10 GoNNER (Mac App Store Link), a challenging roguelike adventure that unfolds in a fantastic land full of interesting characters and creatures.

In GoNNER, you will travel through exotic levels, interact with unique characters, and navigate a dynamically-generated world that is different every time—all while enjoying stunning visuals and a beautiful background soundtrack.


Live Desktop - Animated Live Wallpapers and Themes 4.1

MacAppStudio’s $1 Live Desktop (Mac App Store Link) dresses up your desktop with gorgeous animated backgrounds.

The app features a good selection of high-resolution animations grouped in a variety of categories. For a more immersive experience, each animation also comes with its own soundtrack, which can be turned off if you need some quiet time.


Mail Designer Pro 3 3.2

Make an impact on your customers with Equinux’s $50 Mail Designer Pro 3 (Mac App Store Link) and its full set of tools designed to help you create captivating emails tailored to the needs of your audience.

Mail Designer Pro 3 provides a number of mobile- and desktop-friendly templates that can be customized with photos and text, lets you preview your final work before sending it out, and is compatible with the new Touch Bar.


Memory Clean 2 - Monitor and Free Up Memory 1.3

FIPLAB’s Memory Clean 2 (Mac App Store Link) helps you keep your Mac running smoothly by monitoring your memory usage.

The app works in the background, where it continuously gathers performance information. You can then ask it to generate reports that outline how your memory is used, help you identify potential bottlenecks, and clean up unused space to unlock more performance from your Mac.


PicFrame 2.8.1

Create gorgeous photo collages with Active Development’s $4 PicFrame (Mac App Store Link). Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface takes full advantage of the new MacBook’s Touch Bar.

The app lets you place up to nine pictures side-by-side in any of its 73 customizable frame templates, and gives you the ability to tweak their position and size for a perfect fit. Once you’re done, it’s easy to share your collage with friends and family via email, iMessage, or social media.


Speed-Up 2.2

Developer Clemens Schulz’s $3 Speed-Up lets you control the playback speed of your iTunes songs, where you can slow them down or speed them up without altering their quality.

The app comes with a number of presets designed with common tasks in mind, and with a full complement of customizable settings for more specific applications.

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