Benefit of the doubt: Future Microsoft devices are amazing

They never fail to excite.


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As it ever has been, as yet unseen products coming some day from Microsoft are the best.

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and elf on a shelf fan fiction den, Ewan Spence says “Microsoft’s Surface Phone Could Be The Ultimate Mobile Device.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Peter Ryan.)

2017 will see Microsoft release what CEO Satya Nadella describes as “the ultimate mobile device.”

Well, if the CEO of Microsoft described this unseen device that way… must be!

Pundits about Apple: “Phones are commodities now! No one will continue to pay for Apple devices!”

Pundits about Microsoft: “ZOMG EXCITING NEW PHONEZ!”

Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, he talks about how Microsoft missed getting on the first mobile train…

Don’t worry! There’s always a mobile train leaving the mobile train station!

…but is determined to deliver something unique, and will continue to be in the phone market.

Were they ever really in the phone market?

For many people the ultimate mobile device is the one they currently have in their pocket…

Which is to say, not something made by Microsoft.

…Microsoft’s current focus on the cloud could mean making that mobile device “ultimate” by getting that user signed up and using Microsoft apps such as Outlook or OneNote.

So, ultimate for Microsoft, not the user. Got it.

The Surface devices are pretty nice, although it helps them stand out in the Windows world that their competition can be best described as plastic tied up with a bow of crapware.

Now take all those [Surface] design touches and put them in a smartphone chassis.

Now give it a stylus. Put a cupholder on it. Ship it in brown.

There. Perfection.

Don’t worry about meeting a low price to reach a significant number of consumers, just worry about making it the best smartphone possible and if that means it won’t sell tens of millions of units so be it.

Does that sound like some other company to you? Spence was all about market share when it was Apple that was supposedly losing it to Microsoft.

That really would be an ultimate mobile device. And I expect Microsoft to deliver on its vision in the first half of 2017.

Future Microsoft products can never fail! Aw, man. The Macalope wishes he was a future product from Microsoft. That’d be amazing.

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