The Week in iOS Accessories: Kings of crowdfunding

This week's roundup includes some cool new accessories that got their start on Kickstarter.

  • Accessport: Hi-Res Audio Amplifier for iPhone 7 + Charging

    $19.00 MSRP $59.99
    on Kickstarter
  • FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer

    $169.00 MSRP $299.00
    on Kickstarter
  • UNI Matrix Smart Modular Charging Dock

    $29.00 MSRP $45.00
    on Kickstarter
  • Mcarvent Car Vent Holder Mount

    $19.99 MSRP $19.99
    on Macally
  • Desktop Dock for iPhone

    $79.95 MSRP $79.95
    on Mophie
  • Satechi Smart Charging Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2, Fitbit...

  • Lens Combo for iPhone 7

    $109.99 MSRP $109.99
    on USBFever
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New accessories of the week

This week’s roundup includes some cool new accessories that got their start on Kickstarter. Read on!



The Accessport ($19 pledge on Kickstarter) is a “hi-res audio amplifier” for the iPhone 7—an audio accessory for the post-headphone-jack age. It takes the 24-bit audio signal from the phone, decodes it through a digital-to-analog converter, then amplifies and delivers the resulting high-resolution audio to your headphones. The product has already doubled its production goal on Kickstarter; delivery is scheduled for March.



Tired of shaky iPhone videos? FlowMotion ($169 pledge on Kickstarter) combines the best qualities of a gimbal and selfie stick to provide smooth, cinematic videos from your phone. The production goal was $30,000—the FlowMotion has already attracted more than $200,000 in pledges. The product is expected to ship in February.

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Unlike the last two products, Uni Matrix ($300 pledge on Kickstarter for the “standard” package) hasn’t met its production goal quite yet, but it might be worth a look: It’s a multi-module dock that, in its entirety, includes a USB hub as well as modules for your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. If you’re an Apple devotee, it’s one dock for all your devices.

screen shot 2016 11 28 at 10.42.35 am


The Car Vent Holder ($20 MSRP) is pretty self-explanatory: Attach it to the heating and cooling vent on your car, slide in the iPhone, and have needed access to navigation and music while you drive.



Mophie’s Desktop Dock ($79.95 MSRP) is built for Lightning-equipped phones; it connects via USB to your computer or a wall outlet to offer a pleasing display for your iPhone while it charges.

satechi use this
  • Satechi Smart Charging Stand for Apple Watch 1 & 2,...


The Smart Charging Stand for Apple Watch ($35 MSRP, same price on Amazon) displays your Apple Watch while it charges, and includes three additional USB ports on the base. It comes in silver, gold, and space gray.


hirise duet

Twelve South

Here’s another stand that lets you display and charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. The HiRise Duet ($120 MSRP, same price on Amazon) “is a luxe charging stand that powers your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, in the same place. Made from sleek metal and accented with napa leather, HiRise Duet includes an integrated Lightning Connector and Watch Charging Disk so you never have to search for cables again.”



The Lens Combo for iPhone 7 ($110 MSRP) includes a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, and 2x, 9x, 12x, and 20x telephoto lenses. One back cover accommodates all the lenses; the package also comes with a mini tripod for stabilizing your images.

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