The Week in iOS Accessories: Great for gaming

  • Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

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  • Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium

  • Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 In-Ear Lightning Headphones

  • Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar for iPhone 7 and...

  • Fibaro FGBHFS-001 Flood Sensor, HomeKit-enabled Water Sensor

The Week in iOS Accessories

Gaming gear and more

This week's roundup features hardware that's great for gaming and more. Click through the slides to find out more!

M2 Gamepad Controller


The M2 Gamepad Controller ($49 with a Kickstarter pledge) turns your iPhone into a handheld game console. It looks like a standard game control with an iPhone mount sticking out of the top. Pair the devices together via Bluetooth and you’re ready for some gaming fun.

Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller


The Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller ($50) is being sold through the Apple store. It charges using a Lightning connection (a charge will let you play up to 40 hours) and pairs up with your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via Bluetooth.

Sportz Titanium with Mic
  • Aftershokz AS600SG Trekz Titanium

  • AfterShokz Sportz Titanium

  • AfterShokz Sportz Titanium with Mic


The company has a new lines of wireless headphones, the Trekz Titanium ($130; available on Amazon), along with new wired headphones in the Sportz Titanium ($50) and Sportz Titanium with Mic ($60). All three use “bone conduction” technology that delivers music through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to hear the sounds around you in real life.

SoundBuds IE10
  • Anker SoundBuds Digital IE10 In-Ear Lightning...


The SoundBuds IE10 ($70, available on Amazon) include an inline controller that lets you choose from three modes (balance, clear voice, super bass) and features including a digital audio converter and a Lightning connection to provide HD-quality audio.

Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar
  • Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar for iPhone 7...


The Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar adapter ($40; available on Amazon) lets you turn your iPhone 7’s single Lightning port into two, making it possible to listen to Lightning Audio while charging phone. Now you don’t have to choose between the power of music and powering your music!

Flood Sensor
  • Fibaro FGBHFS-001 Flood Sensor, HomeKit-enabled Water...


Fibaro’s Flood Sensor ($70; available on Amazon) works with Apple’s Home Kit. It “is equipped with gold telescopic probes that detect water as soon as it appears” and sends an alert to your Apple Home app in iOS 10. The sensor, along with motion detectors and window/door sensor, will be in display at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Prynt Instant Photo Printer Case


The Prynt Instant Photo Printer Case ($136) lets you “print your saved photos or take photos in real time, print them and share those special memories with your friends and family instantly.”

VRS Design

VRS Design

The Cue Stick iPhone 7 Selfie Case ($16) is a case with an attached selfie stick that, when not in use, serves as a kickstand to let you view all your great pics on the iPhone. And when you’re taking selfies? The stick extends our reach by a foot.

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