The Week in iOS Accessories: New products unveiled at CES

This week's roundup includes a few new items that made their debut at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The week in iOS accessories

New accessories for your iOS devices

This week’s roundup includes a few new items that made their debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Read on (and you can check out more of Macworld’s CES coverage here)!


Dok Solution

This company’s Dok Talk CR25 ($189 MSRP) will let you charge up to five smart devices at the same time—impressive enough—but comes with an interesting additional feature: Integration with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Smart Search to answer calls, control your schedule, play songs, search the Internet, and more. This device is expected to ship in April. The “smart assistant” wars are certainly taking a new step forward, aren’t they?



Also in time for CES, Kanex has announced a trio of new Apple Watch accessories: the GoPower Watch Stand ($79.95 MSRP), a magnetic charging stand; the GoPower Watch Mini ($59.95 MSRP), a portable keychain battery; and the GoPower Watch ($99.95 MSRP; same price on Amazon), the first cordless portable charger for Apple Watch. The last product is already available; the first two ship in February.



We’ve moved on from live video on social media. The newest thing? Video that gives you a 360-degree HD view of the scene. Giroptic IO ($249 MSRP) is built to deliver the new hotness: It features high-quality twin custom lenses and connects to your phone or tablet so you can easily provide live, immersive video to your friends.


Fellow Products

We know people who adore “pour-over” coffee, but we frankly can’t discern what makes it so great. Still: If you’re a coffee achiever, you’ll want to check out the Stagg EKG+ ($149 pledge on Kickstarter), an electric pour-over kettle that you can control from an iPhone app. You’ll get precise feedback on water temperature, and you can track your recipes for making the perfect cup o’ joe.



Lumu Power ($229 MSRP) is a light meter to help you craft the very best pictures on your iPhone; the meter plugs into the phone and helps you determine the color and exposure of your digital photographs. The device was born as a Kickstarter project; it ships in February.

magbak iphone


The MagBak for iPhone and iPad ($39 MSRP in both formats; $36.96 for select models on Amazon) is billed as “the world’s thinnest mount” for your iOS devices. They’re made to magnetically attach your phone or tablet to metal surfaces; if you don’t have a metal surface, you can put MagSticks ($19 MSRP) on the mounting surface so that MagBak can still do its magic.



The HPL1 ($60 MSRP; same price on Amazon) earbuds “provide a direct connection with your Lightning port, delivering outstanding sound quality. Not only limited to iPhone 7, these earbuds are compatible with all Lightning iOS devices.”



The Lens Combo for iPhone 7 ($110 MSRP) includes a 180-degree fisheye lens + macro lens; a 0.68X wide-angle lens + macro lens; a 2X telephoto lens; a 9X telephoto lens; a 12X “super” telephoto lens; and a 20X super macro lens-microscope lens. The package also includes a mini tripod for stabilizing your shots.

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