The Week in iOS Accessories: Batteries, cases, earbuds, and more

This week's roundup features a whole range of accessories—whatever you need for your iPhone or iPad might just be right here.

  • High-Capacity Power Bank

    $39.99 MSRP $89.99
    on ATech
  • iPad Pro Case with Apple Pencil Holder

    $19.99 MSRP $39.99
    on Atech
  • Katana Case for iPhone 7

    $349.95 MSRP $349.95
    on Element Case
  • EZ Charge for iPhone 7

    MSRP $49.00
    Learn more
    on Indiegogo
  • Jaybird Freedom

  • AluCharge

    $49.95 MSRP $49.95
    on Just Mobile
  • Accessport for iPhone 7

    MSRP $59.99
    Learn more
    on Kickstarter
  • Nuud for iPhone 7

    $99.99 MSRP $99.99
    on Lifeproof
  • Nomad Slim Horween Leather Charging Wallet for iPhone

  • iPhone 7 Case, X-Doria Stash Series - Hard Shell Hidden...

The week in iOS accessories

New gear of the week

This week's roundup features a whole range of accessories—whatever you need for your iPhone or iPad might just be right here.



The 18,000 mAh High-Capacity Power Bank ($90 MSRP, on sale for $40) is exactly what it sounds like: A high-capacity backup battery for when your iOS devices run out of juice. It has dual USB ports so it can charge two devices at once; it also includes surge protection, short circuit prevention, and “more advanced safety features.”

atech ipadcase


ATech continues its trend of obvious product names with the iPad Pro Case with Apple Pencil Holder ($40 MSRP for the 9.7-inch model, $50 MSRP for the 12.9-inch; on sale for $20 and $25). It’s made of “premium leatherette”; the smart cover folds into a horizontal stand, and the attached pencil holder ensures you never lose your stylin’ stylus.



The Headphone ($149) is actually a set of “truly wireless” Bluetooth earbuds that offer up to six hours of playback on a single charge; they have buttons for on-ear control of your music, and you can even use them for hands-free phone conversations.



Want high-end protection for your iPhone 7? The Katana ($349.95 MSRP) is machined from high-grade stainless steel, and includes materials like black oak and leather to give it a warm character. Throw in an extra $30, and you can have the case made in Rose Gold. Element says the case meets military specifications for drop-test requirements—this is a case that looks good and keeps your phone safe.

EZ Charge Case Team


The EZ Charge iPhone battery case ($49 pledge on Indiegogo) is billed as the only battery case that includes a 28-inch USB cord and plug. “You're always carrying a charger!” the makers say. This crowdfunded device looks likely to actually be manufactured—with three weeks left in the campaign, the makers have reached 80 percent of their production goal.

  • Jaybird Freedom


Freedom Wireless Buds ($180 MSRP, $150 on Amazon) are “Micro-sized, sweat-proof premium metal buds” that deliver up to eight hours of playback time on a single charge. And they’re stylish, available in up to six colors—carbon, gold, blaze, ocean, blush, and space.

Just Mobile

Just Mobile

Alu Charge ($49.95 MSRP) “is the world's slimmest USB charger”—and yet still able to charge up to four devices at once from just one power supply. “Constructed from high-quality components and finished in unibody aluminum, AluCharge will declutter any desk and slip into the slimmest pocket when you need to take your power to go.”



This one is for audiophiles. Accessport is a high-resolution audio amplifier for the iPhone 7: The device plugs into the phone’s Lightning port, puts the music signal through a Digital-to-Analog Converter; the decoded signal is amplified and delivers hi-res tunes to your headphones. The device also “features a built-in female Lightning port so that you can listen and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time.” The Kickstarter campaign for this device has ended; the first Accessports are expected to start shipping in March.



This company has unveiled its Nuud case for iPhone 7 ($100 MSRP) and iPhone 7 Plus ($100 MSRP)—billed as “waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, dropproof.” The extra protection is found in features like dust-blocking camera covers and pass-through fingerprint scanner film. The Nuud, in either iteration, is available in four colors.

  • Nomad Slim Horween Leather Charging Wallet for iPhone


This isn’t really a case for your phone, but rather a case for your phone’s backup battery. The Leather Battery Wallet ($119.95 MSRP, $100 on Amazon) is mostly a regular wallet—good for carrying cash, IDs, and credit cards—but with one wrinkle: It also holds a 2,400-mAh power bank for recharging your iOS device on the go. Don’t worry, the result isn’t a George Costanza wallet: The device is slim enough to slip into your pocket without causing back pain.

  • iPhone 7 Case, X-Doria Stash Series - Hard Shell...


The Stash Case for iPhone 7 ($35 MSRP; $19.95 on Amazon) comes by its name honestly: It has a hidden panel within the case that lets you store two credit cards or IDs. It doesn’t look like a wallet case, though, offering some protection against theft. And, oh yeah, the rubbery bumper surrounding the hard case also protects against drops, too.



The Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable ($20 MSRP; same price on Amazon) is notable mainly for the Kevlar—a picture on the product’s website shows a dog tugging at the apparently indestructible cable. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

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