The Week in iOS Apps: This dating app is for Haters

This week's roundup includes a new dating app that matches potential mates on their mutual hatreds.

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This week’s roundup includes a new dating app that matches potential mates on their mutual hatreds. Read on!

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Hater Inc.


Hater (free, iPhone) is probably the perfect dating app for this angry, angry era: It matches you up with potential mates based entirely … on what you hate. There’s nothing more romantic than two lovebirds bonding over their mutual dislike of, say, cargo shorts. Right?


Amazon Chime

Proving there’s no sector of industry Amazon won’t eventually touch, Amazon Chime (free, iPhone and iPad) enables video conferencing both inside and outside your organization. Just tap to join meetings—no PIN number needed—and you can conference with up to eight people at once. The app includes “full featured messaging,” including chat rooms and attachments.

Luke Holland LTD


Causality ($2, iPhone and iPad) “is a puzzle game about manipulating time” in which you help a group of stranded astronauts find their way to safety. Each level represents a brief moment in time; guide each astronaut through the level to a color-coded exit—the level is complete if you beat the clock by getting all the astronauts out in time.

Eun Seong Kim


Moment ($3, iPhone) bills itself as a tool for “infinite” video recording—basically, it’ll let you capture important snippets of video even if the storage on your phone is about full. You can record short vignettes of up to 10 seconds long and be confident the moment is captured. The app debuted this month, and updated this week with a bug fix.

LatLong B.V.


Polarsteps (free, iPhone and Apple Watch) has been around for awhile, but this week’s update lets you create Polarsteps Travel Books—photo albums of your journeys, auto-generated by the app when your trip is complete. If you like the digital album, press “create Travel Book,” and you’ll get a printed version in four colors and up to 300 pages. (Pricing info can be found here.)

Project Dent Ltd


TwIM (free, iPhone) is an app that uses your Twitter direct messages as an instant-messaging platform. 

Vertigo Media, Inc.


Vertigo (free, iPhone) announced this week that it’s now integrated with both Spotify and Apple Music to help people share music regardless of which premium subscription they have. When it launched just last month, the app required a Spotify Premium membership so that users could find music, build playlists, and share live-streaming listening sessions with friends and followers.

Cloforce LLC

5K Trainer

5K Trainer ($4, iPhone and iPad) helps take you from the couch to ready to run a 5K race in just eight weeks. The app features “carefully timed alternating walk / run intervals for all skill levels” and provides a “growing community” of supportive 5K runners on Facebook.

Oceanhouse Media

Others of note

Fox in Socks brings Dr. Seuss to your iOS device … Your.MD now lets you delete messages … Pitch has updated with new features for musicians.

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