Apple’s not missing much by not having a Siri speaker

Apple doesn’t need to jump every time analysts say boo.


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Like amphetamine-addled hamsters pushing buttons that release endorphins in their exposed and wired brains, analysts have found another market Apple’s behind in. Yes, it turns out that Apple does not make all the things. It’s very surprising.

Writing for Investor’s Business Daily, Patrick Seitz warns“Apple ‘Losing Badly’ In Smart-Home Market, Needs Answer To Amazon Echo.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Philip Speicher.)


This is not Seitz’s first “Apple is missing out” rodeo, which is a rodeo that’s just clowns.

Apple is a “very distant third” in the smart-home market to and Google parent Alphabet, each of which have voice-controlled home appliances, [Edison Investment Research analyst Richard] Windsor said.

2014: Apple must come up with a smartwatch in 60 days or disappear.

2017: Smartwatch? No, no, no. We meant voice-controlled home appliance.

“Apple has no device within which Siri can reside within the home,” Windsor said.

Does Windsor live in some kind of Thunderdome or wild-west sanctuary town where all electronic devices must be checked at the door before you can enter? Not that the Macalope is judging because that actually sounds kind of cool.

Owners of Amazon Echo and Google Home can interact with those devices from across the room with spoken commands and queries.

If only Apple had some other device that users didn’t have to press a button on to invoke Siri, like, maybe one you could wear on your wrist and have everywhere instead of in just one room. OH, WELL.

Some 4.2 million intelligent home speakers were shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter…

In other words, the entire intelligent home speaker market is the size of Apple’s Watch sales. Which is a flop.

Apple’s “losing out” on any number of yet-to-develop markets, from smart glasses to VR to laser monkey ninjas. The thing is, it gets into markets when it’s ready. Until then, it’s not losing very much.

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