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Can you believe that Apple is still making iPads? What the…?

Writing for Inquisitr, Daryl Deino can’t.

“iPad Pro: Apple is still trying to push tablet to consumers.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Peter Ryan.)

What is up with that?! It’s like they want to “sell” these “tablets”! To people! For money! Very strange.

The iPad was a very hot item in the early part of this decade, but things have changed.

9.3 million a quarter isn’t hot. What’s hot is 10 million sales of Amazon Echoes a year. What also isn’t hot is 12 million in Apple Watch sales a year.

You can see the pattern here, right? Some people make the mistake of thinking that it’s just companies with names starting with “A” that don’t have hot sales but, no, the name also must end in “pple”.

Part of this is due to laptop hybrid devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro gaining relevance.

It’s true that iPad sales are still trending down while Surface sales are, for the most part, trending up. But Apple still made $4.8 billion on iPads last quarter compared to Microsoft’s $1.2 billion on the Surface. And where are Surface sales most likely coming from? Former iPad owners or former owners of crappy third-party Windows-based MacBook Air ripoffs that prefer a better-built laptop without crapware?

Look, this is a great business for Microsoft and, to their credit, they stuck with it while pundits like this furry prognosticator pointed their hooves and laughed and laughed and, oh, how we laughed, those were simpler times with a lot more laughing. And now they’re having their OEM’s cake and eating it, too, which would be bad except that the metaphor is really supposed to be “eating their lunch” and Windows OEMs shouldn’t be having cake for lunch, that’s not a healthy lifestyle.

Apple keeps releasing new iPads.


…they released the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which Apple said could replace your laptop. However, David Pierce of Wired stressed that the iPad Pro was not a laptop replacement, despite Apple claiming it could be.

The Macalope really isn’t sure why we have to keep going through this. The point is, an iPad can be a replacement for a laptop or desktop computer — and is for a fair number of people — depending on what you do.

This is another case of what the Macalope calls in loco punditis, which is when a pundit believes they speak for everyone. Hey, pundits: You don’t.

A while back the Macalope had a discussion with a pundit on Twitter that went a little like this:


Macalope: No it isn’t. I’ve done it lots of times.


Macalope: Here’s how I did it: [walks through process]

Pundit: Oh. Well, I don’t do it that way.

Dude. I mean.

Even Ben Sin of Forbes refuted Apple’s claims.

Even a writer for the Forbes contributor network and self-service poodle shampooing salon?! ‘Nough said!

What sparked Deino’s piece is Apple’s new iPad ads. But, newsflash, Apple zombie faithful, if you go to the ads on YouTube you will find:

Many in the comments section aren’t big fans of the ads.


So far in this piece we’ve learned that a Forbes contributor network writer doesn’t think much of the iPad and YouTube commenters don’t think much of an ad. This is all a little shocking. The Macalope may need to lie down.

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