The Week in iOS Apps: Can an app be your friend? Replika wants to try

This week's roundup includes a couple of artificial intelligence offerings—including an app that says it loves you.

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No new friends

This week’s roundup includes a couple of artificial intelligence offerings—including an app that says it loves you. Think that’s weird? Read on.

luka inc. replika


Can an app be your friend? The makers of Replika (free, iPhone) think so, promising that Replika’s artificial intelligence “loves you and cares for you.” It asks questions about your preferences, helps you “discover your personality” and “takes friendship to the next level.” Helpful? Or creepy?

azumio calorie mama

Calorie Mama AI

If you’re tracking calories and get stumped by how to count the meal in front of you, Calorie Mama AI (free, iPhone) turns out to be pretty nifty. Aim the iPhone camera at your meal, take a picture, and the app A) figures out what you’re eating, then B) tells you how many calories you’re consuming per serving. It can recognize fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains, as well as complex dishes.

anthony lucido follow
Anthony Lucido

Follow: Drive Together

Sometimes your group needs to take two or three cars to get to a common destination. Follow: Drive Together (free, iPhone) makes it easier to make sure your caravan doesn’t get split up and end up in different locations. Real-time navigation lets you see where leader and follower cars are at all times, and alerts you if somebody pulled over to rest, get gas, or buy a snack.

giphy arts moga
Giphy Arts

Giphy MoGA

GiphyMoGA (free, iPhone) “is the first ever virtual reality GIF art museum. The current exhibition in the MoGA is Loop Dreams, the accompaniment to our 2016 IRL exhibition. Works by 20 artists are exhibited in a beautiful, nonlinear environment.” The exhibits can be viewed in VR, or a 360-degree 2D mode.

spelkraft sthlm ab pan pan


Pan-Pan ($4, iPhone and iPad) is  “open plain adventure that expands on the concept of environmental narrative storytelling with puzzle solving and exploration elements at its core.” We don’t know what that means either, but watch this video: If this game, with its beauty and chill soundtrack, doesn’t help you relax, nothing will.

learnfield skoove


Skoove (free, iPad) helps you learn piano—it shows you how to play tunes, listens to your performance, and offers feedback. There are 250 lessons available, but it’ll cost you: A premium subscription costs $10 a month.

tennis properties ltd tennis tv
Tennis Properties LTD

Tennis TV

Tennis TV (free, iPhone and iPad) is the official live-streaming app of the ATP World Tour. You can watch live tennis from 64 tournaments each year, or stream full match replays, classic matches, highlights, and features. The service requires a subscription of $15 a month.

hypnocore ltd wakemode
HypnoCore LTD

Wake Mode

Wake Mode (free, iPhone and Apple Watch) tracks your body energy and efficiency like it was a battery. It tracks your sleep and your fatigue levels, and notifies you when you reach “critical levels” of tiredness.


Others of note

Google Chrome has added a “read later” feature that allows you to read webpages offline … Pandora is launching a $10 a month premium service … Unbox lets you watch tech unboxing shows.

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