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PDF Expert 2.2, the top-rated PDF editing app, is half off right now - Deal Alert

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While PDFs might be one of the best ways to send and print files, it’s certainly one of the most frustrating formats to try to edit. With default Mac software, it simply isn’t possible. Therein lies the value of PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac.

This powerful tool is a top paid app in the Mac App store. It’s a lightweight and powerful viewer that makes it simple to edit text, images, links and more in a PDF document. Not only that, you can rework entire files if you need to — without getting frustrated that edits aren’t applying, or your formatting is skewing the PDF.

Beyond editing, you’re able to read huge PDF files quickly with PDF Expert’s smart viewer. Plus you can seamlessly annotate, merge and sign any contract you’re writing or reviewing. Paying attention, lawyers?

You can even share PDFs with colleagues or anyone else remotely, across iPhones, iPads and Mac devices — and ensure you do so securely with password-protected documents.

Make editing PDFs as intuitive as word processing — pick up PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac for $29.99. That’s half off the original price of $59.99.

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