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One thing it’s important to keep in mind in regards to technology is that not everyone has the same needs or preferences. And that’s… OK.

Writing for Gizmodo, Alex Cranz declares “Samsung's New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @designheretic and 5cat.)

Cranz is having a little fun at our expense by making a nod to Samsung repeatedly taking design inspiration from “the natural evolution of design” which is to say copying whatever Apple does.

Technically, if you want to be “accurate”…

Then please do not read jokey-titled articles. OK, we get that.

…this is not an iPad Pro…

Yes, when it comes to ripping off Apple, Samsung draws the line at the wholesale copying of the name! It’s about ethics in copyright infringement, people.

The hardware, Cranz readily admits, is “Apple-inspired”. And the software?

Android as an operating system really doesn’t work in a tablet form. Only a smattering of apps are actually optimized for the landscape mode we use tablets in.

So, how many can we put you down for? A gross? Well, they’re all gross. Ha-ha. Also, we only sell them that way.

Cranz seems like an odd choice to review a tablet since she doesn’t seem to think much of tablets in general, but maybe nobody else at Gizmodo does either and she drew the short straw.

This isn’t for business use, or as a primary device for students, or a necessity for artists. Its a pure luxury item Samsung and Apple like to insist we need…

We keep having this argument. Why do we keep having this argument? Is the Macalope slurring his words as he types them? How would he even do that?

Look, some people are actually able to replace their laptops with tablets. The Macalope knows pundits have deliberately stuffed hamsters in their ears so they can’t hear that fact but it’s still a fact. That’s the thing about facts, they don’t go away if you just ignore them. Also, take the hamster out of your ears because PETA is on the phone.

The Galaxy Tab S3 itself costs the same as the iPad Pro, but it comes with a stylus so the combination of stylus and tablet makes it cheaper than the comparable iPad offering.

It’s a $100 less than an iPad Pro and Pencil and the only true downside is how tablet-unfriendly Android can occasionally be.

That’s all?! Just having to deal with interfaces that are constantly fighting you?! Wow! Eternal aggravation is such a small price to pay. Is there some way the Macalope can get this tablet into his mouth right now? Because he can’t wait.

That’s a pretty dang minor downside in my book.

Is your book the Necronomicon?

As iPad knock-offs go, the Galaxy Tab S3 reigns supreme.

As far as Elvis impersonators go, not only is Gary Klonwitz of Reno, Nevada cheap, he is also excruciating to work with.

OK, the Macalope can see how someone might think suffering quietly through a poor user experience might be worth a hundred bucks. He suspects, however, that he uses his tablet more than Cranz uses hers and therein lies the difference.

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