Time is a flat circle: The world is always Samsung’s oyster


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If you’re old enough to remember the mid-2000s, you might recall that we were repeatedly told how Microsoft was going to pull the rug out from under the iPod because Microsoft. Spoiler alert: That didn’t happen. Then, with the iPhone, it was Samsung that was going to best Apple. Then it was Xiaomi. Then Huawei.

Well, update your scorecards, because it’s Samsung again.

Writing for Inc., John Brandon explains “Why Apple Should Be Worried About Samsung.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @mylestaylor.)

Pundits believe Apple should always be worried about something, whether its competitors that are always just months from driving them out of business, a rampage by killer rabbits or a dark, edgy remake of The Banana Splits directed Zack Snyder. Apple should live in constant fear, hiding under its bed, because it is so small and defenseless.

Don't ever dismiss the power of a comeback.

It would be factually incorrect to say that pundits are literally salivating at the idea of being able to write about a Samsung “comeback” from its explosive 2016. No, they’re salivating because they have a condition. It’s not funny, Greg. Now, please, won’t you give generously today to wipe out chronic juicemouth?

Brandon likens a potential Samsung comeback to Apple’s comeback after the return of Steve Jobs. But the two situations couldn’t be less comparable in terms of scale. Samsung certainly took a hit to its reputation, but it’s hardly in danger of going out of business or being sold like Apple was.

…the [Galaxy S8] lets you connect to a desktop monitor, keyboard and mouse and use desktop apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom, check your email, and browse the web.

This phone-powered desktop dock is a pipe dream the Macalope’s seen technology nerds fawn over for years. The problem is, real people don’t seem to want that.

And then there's this fact: Despite all of the problems last fall, Samsung is on a roll financially.

This comeback from financial success is going to be epic.

Comeback stories are always interesting.

If they’re so interesting then why does this one have to be puffed up so much?

Apple might want to pay attention to this one.

Maybe if we talk to them real softly they’ll peek out from under the bed.

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