The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Pad & Quill's new iPad case takes you back to the library

This week's roundup includes a new "Graduate collection" iPad case that will remind you of old university stacks of library books.

  • Graduate Collection Case for iPad

    $69.99 MSRP $69.99
    on Pad & Quill
  • AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens, 0.55x 120° Wide Angle + 15x...

  • DxO One

  • Flexible Phone or Tablet Stand

    on Gadget Shopping
  • Griffin iTrip Clip

  • EdgeGlass for iPhone SE

    $14.95 MSRP $14.95
    on EdgeGlass
  • QConcept Lightning Magnetic USB Cable - Braided with Heavy...

  • Looperverse Pedal

    $199.00 MSRP $199.00
    on Retronyms
  • Walnut Bumper for iPhone 7

    $59.00 MSRP $59.00
    on Grovemade
  • iPhone 7 Case Shockproof, Slim Anti-Scratch Protective Kit...

  • FoamTech Case for iPad

    $34.95 MSRP $34.95
    on Gumdrop Cases
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That old book smell

This week’s roundup includes a new “Graduate collection” iPad case that will remind you of old university stacks of library books. Read on!

Pad & Quill

Pad & Quill

The Graduate Collection of iPad cases ($70 MSRP) “looks fresh out of the library” with a bindery cloth cover evocative of old university library stacks. Inside, you’ll find an interior pocket for extra documents, as well as a Baltic birch cradle to actually hold the tablet. It gives your new-school device an old-school feel.

  • AUKEY Ora iPhone Camera Lens, 0.55x 120° Wide Angle +...


Aukey’s Ora iPhone Camera Lens ($40 MSRP; $30 on Amazon) is a two-in-one lens for your iPhone. The macro lense magnifies objects up to 15 times to get detailed close-ups, while the wide-angle lense opens your field of view for great landscape photos. The detachable rubber clip makes it easy to take the lens on and off without scratching your phone.

dxo one
  • DxO One


The DxO One ($499 MSRP; $479 on Amazon) is a pro-quality camera, featuring a one-inch sensor and a wide-aperture lens, that lets users capture high-quality images even in extreme low-light conditions. It attaches to the iPhone or iPad via the Lightning connector; it also features its own lithium-ion battery and micro-SD card slot.

Gadget Shopping

Gadget Shopping

This flexible phone or tablet stand (on sale for $24.16) is built to display all your iOS devices, as the name implies. The stand adjusts to 10 different viewing angles, and features a cradle to ensure your phone or tablet doesn’t go slip-sliding away.

griffin itripclipcollage
  • Griffin iTrip Clip


The iTrip Clip ($20 MSRP; $18 on Amazon) converts any earbuds or headphones to wireless Bluetooth headphones; plug them into the clip, and you can play, control and talk on your iPhone without a wired-in connection. If you want the freedom of Bluetooth but still want to use your old earbuds, here’s the gadget that’ll help you do both.



The EdgeGlass for iPhone SE ($14.95 MSRP) offers extra screen protection for your iPhone SE: “ Made of high-grade tempered glass, it delivers unprecedented scratch resistance.” The product is “coming soon.” The same product for iPhone 7 is already available for $34.95 (or $24 on Amazon).

Lolly Digital


The Lolly Digital Microphone ($45 pledge through Indiegogo) is billed as “world’s first portable 3D recording device for your smartphone.” Say the makers: “This compact and portable microphone records HD audio to your iPhone using any iOS app and our immersive 3D playback makes listeners feel the sensation of being in the space in which audio was originally recorded.”

  • QConcept Lightning Magnetic USB Cable - Braided with...


You have to watch this video to get a sense of what makes the Lightning Magnetic USB Cable ($22.98 on Amazon) so cool—the enhanced “smart magnet” not only makes sure your iOS device stays plugged into its power source, it’s powerful enough to actually seek out and make the connection when the plug and connector get close enough to each other. The cable is braided, meaning you’ll be able to put plenty of wear and tear on this accessory.



The Looperverse pedal ($199 MSRP) “provides 6 premium quality switches pre-mapped to undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record, and playback.” It works in conjunction with the Looperverse app to help users create top-notch audio performances using their iPhone or iPad.



The Walnut iPhone bumper (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $59 to $69 MSRP) is the latest bit of beauty at the intersection of wood accessories and the iOS universe—an area Grovemade knows well. The walnut bumper is said to “retain the feel of your phone while giving it a protective boost.”

yesgo iphone7case
  • iPhone 7 Case Shockproof, Slim Anti-Scratch Protective...


This company’s iPhone 7 Case ($18 MSRP; $11 on Amazon) tries to give you the best of both worlds: An “ultra-slim” design that shows off the iPhone’s slender good looks, combined with dual-layer protection against against shocks, drops, impacts and bumps.

Gumdrop Cases

Gumdrop Cases

The FoamTech case ($34.95 MSRP) cradles your new iPad in protective—but lightweight—foam that doubles as a stand, allowing for hands-free use but without adding too mucy weight to the tablet itself.

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